Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's Pilates for me...

I'm off to Pilates at the local sports centre in a minute, quite enjoy it although am not sure if is always tough enough. Then when it is of course I find it impossible to do those moves.

This afternoon I'm going to the Children's Sports Day at their Infant School, very exciting. Last year Ollie was so busy with his crowd pleasing smile he forgot to run, so who knows what this year will bring. Am actually very pleased that the children are at an infants school at the moment, it is so nice they are all quite small and innocent and there are no scary big children to worry about.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I have a denim dress

...that I think I love but am not altogether sure about. I've been wearing it all day and have not been able to make a decent decision about it.
We went for a lovely walk along the seafront, down to free parking at Warrior Square then along the promenade, a quick paddle on the beach, and back. Very quiet, although with some enormous dog poo's along the way. A little alarming.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Here is Andrew the Penguin

We liked grabby machines a lot...

at University, so much so that one day we ventured out of town on a day trip to Cornwall and spent most of the day playing them. We managed to swop a number of small toys for a bigger toy; Andrew who we loved. Andrew came everywhere with us, to the pub, ice-skating, visiting houses and so on.
When we left University as he was under joint ownership he has been on extended visits across the county to all our houses. I've just re-inherited him a few months ago. And am really quite keen on him.

I tried to have a lie in....

OK, I knew Id have to get up soon to take the kids to school but just another five minutes was working very well this morning. Until, that is I found out the students (teenagers) had mysteriously flooded the bathroom the night before, and used hand towels in an attempt to soak up the flood. Unsure how they managed it because I have taught them where the shower curtain goes (inside, inside).

Then I heard my kids playing with the toy pushchairs and soft toys. Ah, lovely you might think except they were projecting them down the stairs and in to the stair gate to see what happened to them. And one, was my University toy, Andrew, I think they were specially gleefully chucking him down was he had his own seat in the buggy shopping compartment.

And now I must go to the gym, well as soon as I've finished my coffee and sit down that is...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

What Jemima wants for her birthday...you know it has all the disappointment of a Mr Frosty just waiting to happen...