Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Reference Request

Embarrassingly they have asked for a reference, which is a bit rich considering I didn't get the job. Suspect they ask as a matter of course before all interviews then interviewees too embarrassed to tell references not to bother as they were too rubbish at interview. If you see what I mean.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm just never going to get excited about a job again...

As it always seems to go wrong. This morning I went for a job interview, as a earning assistant at a local college. I got really excited as the job was in the Social Care section and I imagined teaching Sociology to the enthusiastic young students.

Of course it turned out to be teaching pre-GNVQ Health and Social Care, and Childcare to students with lower grades AND all the interview questions were (surprising to me anyway) about my experience teaching and supporting young people. Course my experience is limited to hosting foreign students, and um, being young myself twenty years ago. Neither of which seemed to go down particularly well in the interview.

And I didn't even want the job.

Still, didn't get it so just as well.

Monday, 29 March 2010

It's veggie chilli

We're having vegetarian chilli for tea tonight, no onions though as have run out. Leeks will have to do as an alternative.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

We Went Up the Hill

Lovely Hastings has re-opened with a little fanfare, its' East Hill funicular railway. As a result there were free rides up and down on it yesterday.

We went up to the East Hill, which was much chillier than the Old Town and saw all the activities laid out for the children. J got her face painted and they both participated in an obstacle course and won a book and an inflatable ball (which of course is now in the neighbours garden). We saw a lot of people, hello people we saw!, and we went back down in the actually quite/very steep carriage.

All good fun.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Costa stole my coffee (name)

Flat white is what I've asked for as a coffee for years, particularly in London. (Down here I seem to drink Americano with semi skimmed milk).

And now Costa have launched a drink called Flat White; which is made of frothed milk just sort of flattened down and horror of horrors full fat milk.

Gutted. It's not my drink anymore. Not only do I hate full fat milk I'm distinctly unkeen on things that have been frothed; even then flattened I'm not keen.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jobs for the Girls...

I've had a busy couple of days. One of the biggest things I did was go to a job interview. It was really hard, but, I had thought, had gone well. Well, that is until the end, when although the post was full time I asked if they would consider job share. All the right things were said, and I was to wait to hear...but I think I'll be waiting forever.

I don't want to moan because I am very lucky to have this time with the children, and um, housework in the middle of the day but it does seem an almost impossible task to find a job that fits in with the children, and our life. And frankly, I want one as I am getting a bit bored; the money would come in handy as would the activity itself.

At this stage I do want to work around the children though; after all I had them to look after them myself but it just seems impossible to get the right balance. And to find the job with the right balance, a job that isn't with more children that is. Teaching assistant jobs seem perfect, except not for me. Plus, the pay is terrible.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

They were chubby and did not eat vegetables

There is something about people who leave all their vegetables that really gets to me. I guess it is the opposite upbringing to mine - whereby you had to sit at the table until you finished all your vegetables even if it got quite late. The last two students were of the leave vegetables types, and to make matters worse, their English was so bad that even if they had tried to explain a vegetable allergy or something to me I'd never have understood.

I actually feel a bit cross with them still, even though they've now left.

And another thing, both had a habit of standing whispering outside rooms to I guess plan their sentences, or entrances but it was bloody annoying especially when they creeped up on you.

We're done with students for a couple of weeks now though, which is quite nice actually. Pleased to be able to fling open doors without fear, cook vegetables, (and proper vegetarian food with lentils and things), oh, and I guess build up excitement and cultural awareness skills ready for the next lot.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dinner Dinner Thai Man

Went to the marvellous Thai restaurant in a bookshop last night. Food so gorgeous it will stay in the back of my mind for ages. We took the children, and they were well looked after too. They both had a special main course of noodles and tofu made for them which they loved, and even said was better than my cooking.

Took our own wine too, which is always good, even if I drank most of it as M was driving home. Did bring some back to watch 24 with.

Oh, and for those of those who know what I mean I'm on Book 3 and rooting for the werewolf. Bella could have lovely cute little dark haired children and live merrily in La Push enjoying the beach. Think Edward bit too moral for my liking.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bye Billie Bye

We lost Billie the hamster, nothing out of the ordinary, was no more worried than before. Until we found her. The cat had got hold of her; hurt her leg, bitten her side, and she'd lost an eye. It was terrbly sad, and worrying.

The vet was concerned about her leg, and said it may never heal. She gave me a choice to have her put down straight away or take her home with medicine and wait. I couldn't face putting the lovely lovely Billie down; she'd been nothing but a delight and she didn't deserve this.

I took Billie home with me, giving her medicine twice a day, and blocking all the holes in her cage so she didn't get in to the tunnels and hurt herself more. Her leg swelled up and she started to smell. She continued to be lovely; taking her painkillers, drinking a little, not eating much but nestling down to her bed.

By the end of the weekend it was obvious something was seriously wrong and we took her back to the vet. For the last time. Her broken leg was causing internal bleeding, and the infection was from that. The antibiotics had, and probably could not work. We said goodbye to the loveliest little hamster we'd known.

Eurotastic - they're all plastic

Just been watching this years' song for Europe - song is written by Stock and Waterman and the singers well...let's just see on the day. For now I can say that out of our three contenders Alexis doesn't do the song justice although hewas very good. The girl, Esma got the timing wrong and said Sorry in the middle of the song. But slightly smarmy Last Man gets the timing, and the excitement right and is so so Pop. A true Rick A for the 21st Century.
Fingers crossed.
And yes, lovelies, I'm back - regular updates to follow...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Blank Page

I've got nothing to say.