Thursday, 25 March 2010

Costa stole my coffee (name)

Flat white is what I've asked for as a coffee for years, particularly in London. (Down here I seem to drink Americano with semi skimmed milk).

And now Costa have launched a drink called Flat White; which is made of frothed milk just sort of flattened down and horror of horrors full fat milk.

Gutted. It's not my drink anymore. Not only do I hate full fat milk I'm distinctly unkeen on things that have been frothed; even then flattened I'm not keen.


Sandra Morris said...

Since when, and why, has whole milk usurped butter to become the antichrist of dairy products.

I have a confession....

My guilty secret is that I sometimes BUY whole milk purely to have with Kelloggs corn flakes.

It has to be whole milk and they have to be Kelloggs.

In my defence though, I do use skimmed milk (which tastes just like water so I don't know why I bother) for everything else.

Mea culpa

tattyhouse said...

Someone did point out the otherday that whole milk is still only 4% fat.