Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lovely presents from Tall Boys

Just picked up a couple of lovely boys from Falaise Road, new student pick up place. Forgot all about them at first but luckily was not too late after a reminder phone call. And luckily had cleaned their bedroom all ready for them.

Sometimes having students to stay is like having a lovely birthday present; these kind boys bought us honey wine, honey from their town, coffee, chocolates and sweets. Really nice presents from really nice tall boys!

And they smile a lot, so I know I'll like them already.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hastings in the sun

It's a flip flop day -just back from a walk on the seafront and can confirm the season has started. The flip flops, mostly with jeans, shorts and roller blades are out in full force.
I've even got my black Haviana's on.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Good Night Out

Had a good night out on Friday, we met in the Jenny Lind in the Old Town which is always nice for a sit down and a pint. Then on to the vodka bar, which had a true one man DJ band playing. And people 'larging it up' to the music. Despite the lovely drinks - I had a bison vodka and apple juice we just could not take the loudness or the 'music' generally.

So I convinced everyone to go the the Brass Monkey, as I'd looked it up and it was soul night. Got there to hear an extremely loud 'heavy metal/punk cross over' band playing. All followed by lots of laughter and a bit of ribbing. It turns out the band did have soul in their name, hence my error. Then home via a taxi driver 'mishearing' us and nearly taking us to the wrong town.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fancy Followers

I do, actually, fancy some more followers so if any of you fancy being a follower, having a shout out, or not, then do feel free. Can't think of any more benefits other than boosting blog's self esteem though.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sorry I couldn't wait...

...for your comments so I went to Ikea. Lovely shiny Ikea of hot dogs, ice cream and colour. Bought a few great bits; a solar light inside a waterproof round lantern, a table runner, a green rug for Ol's room, and the best bit a chest of drawers for our bedroom with loads of space. Loads and loads of space; all I need do now is sort out the clothes and transfer them. Then we'll actually have a wardrobe with hanging space rather than all sorts stuffed in the bottom.
Very excited about new storage - stationary and storage -items from the Gods all.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Lovely Weekend

We've had a lovely Easter weekend, been to Bedgebury, which is a pinetum (place where pine trees live) and the tree part of Kew Gardens, bowling and just hung out.
Now having the 'we're quite broke but do need more storage' age old issue of which is better Argos or Ikea. Of course, the better thing to do would be source a second hand chest of drawers that is solidly built etc. etc. However since Billie the hamster holing up minus an eye in an old storage unit we have it has put me off second hand a bit for keeping clothes in at least.

You never really know what has happened do you? What if an older lady had weed in the drawers? Or anything?

So which is best; Ikea or Argos? Ikea would normally have been our shop of choice but factor against it from here is that it is at least an hour there, and the petrol that two hour round trip costs too. Argos is just down the road, well in the town centre, and has marginally improved its design recently. Still, both shops have a specific 'look' neither of which I'm over keen on.

Any thoughts? What shall we do?