Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It is Christmas time and I'm having a break

Hello lovely readers
Just to say we're all fine, looking forward to Christmas and I'm having a bit of a break from blogging at the moment.
Best seasonal wishes

Monday, 27 September 2010

Worst Cold in the World

I've had a shocker of a cold since Friday, been unable to sleep, drink, even eat at times. I still feel very unwell although last night I had a better nights' sleep what with waking up every 2 hours rather than half an hour.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Late mark

We were late for school this morning, forgot we planned to walk until too late and did not have the car as a back up. Did have to give my name to the school secretary for a black mark, surprised she didn't want the children's too but either she knows who they are or the black mark is just for me, deservedly so I suppose.

Monday, 13 September 2010

It's all about the coffee

I've just decided, and agreed with the Bridge, our local community centre to start volunteering there. I'm going to work in the cafe on a Wednesday morning, not alarmed about it at all apart from the very swanky coffee machine I'm going to have to learn to operate. Of course am nervous it will get very busy, as it does sometimes and I'll have a flap but apart from that it should be fun and a nice way to help, and get out of the house.
At least I know the components of all coffees, and just need to worry about them having the right milk, and of course the machine itself. Expressio anyone?
Oh, and in other exciting news we've got a new hamster. We also bought a new hamster cage, which is very secure with no way of hamsters escaping or cats getting them free. The hamster is called Gnasher, and is mostly Ollie's; it seems very cute so far and also very fat.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

One Wedding, two funerals

We've got a memorial service on Thursday for Clive, as a popular teacher, and with friends and family I'm expecting it to be very busy, and very emotional again. I can't do justice to writing about Clive yet so I won't but needless to say he's been in our thoughts a lot.

We've also got a wedding to look forward to at the start of October - it's a small friends and family wedding; we're part of the friends contingent - it is one of Ollie's godfathers that is getting married. The service is in Lyme Regis, a lovely town so we're looking forward to spending some time there.

Weirdly we are staying in Charmouth, about a mile up the road where my childhood holidays were spent in a caravan. In fact, we have decided to stay in a caravan for the weekend, rather than spend a little extra for a lodge. I just could not resist for the nostalgia fest, plus the lodges are probably just wood cladded caravans anyway. Wonder how much the decor will have changed?

Saturday, 28 August 2010

It's a sad time

My father in law died unexpectedly, and suddenly in Spain of a heart attack. We're just back from driving down to Spain and back for the funeral.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mini Kickers and Middle Class Park Takeover

I took the children to the fantastic, Mini Kickers, football for little ones organised by the local community centre this morning. They loved it as usual, and the mummies enjoyed a good chat and discussion about how much we like (some of us more than others) the lovely man who takes the session and keeps our 3-5 year olds occupied and behaving well for a whole hour. Quite unusual to meet a younger single man who is fantastic with kids, and so bossy with them too!

Then we all went off to the new park on Bembrook Road, I've heard good and bad things about the park. A couple of friends of ours even got shot at with BB guns there a few weeks ago. But today, was a very middle class take over (that is, if we all accept the inevitable that we are middle class anyway) with a good ten or fifteen children mostly playing nicely together and taking turns. Very lovely afternoon polished off with a nice cup of tea and more playing in the Bridge Community Centre.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

We're half way through the summer holidays...

...and have managed to have a lovely time despite the weather and being on a budget, I think just for being in Hastings. We've had a pirate day, and a lovely Carnival topped off with a free firework display this weekend. We've also been to Chessington, which was great, on 2 for 1 vouchers. Particularly keen on the chimpanzees there, although the children were more taken with the rides, and the pizza for tea.

And this week promises just a few days before we go on holiday. We're off camping in the middle of France - the Isle de Re to be precise for a week. I feel slightly 'of the moment' as a possibly (to be discussed at a later date) middle class family off for a week or two of camping in France. I think nearly everyone I know will be doing it this year.

Oh, and we just might try out the Hop Farm tomorrow despite being quite pricey it seems like it may be fun, and if not worth poking a bit of fun at the olden days.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's Pilates for me...

I'm off to Pilates at the local sports centre in a minute, quite enjoy it although am not sure if is always tough enough. Then when it is of course I find it impossible to do those moves.

This afternoon I'm going to the Children's Sports Day at their Infant School, very exciting. Last year Ollie was so busy with his crowd pleasing smile he forgot to run, so who knows what this year will bring. Am actually very pleased that the children are at an infants school at the moment, it is so nice they are all quite small and innocent and there are no scary big children to worry about.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I have a denim dress

...that I think I love but am not altogether sure about. I've been wearing it all day and have not been able to make a decent decision about it.
We went for a lovely walk along the seafront, down to free parking at Warrior Square then along the promenade, a quick paddle on the beach, and back. Very quiet, although with some enormous dog poo's along the way. A little alarming.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Here is Andrew the Penguin

We liked grabby machines a lot...

at University, so much so that one day we ventured out of town on a day trip to Cornwall and spent most of the day playing them. We managed to swop a number of small toys for a bigger toy; Andrew who we loved. Andrew came everywhere with us, to the pub, ice-skating, visiting houses and so on.
When we left University as he was under joint ownership he has been on extended visits across the county to all our houses. I've just re-inherited him a few months ago. And am really quite keen on him.

I tried to have a lie in....

OK, I knew Id have to get up soon to take the kids to school but just another five minutes was working very well this morning. Until, that is I found out the students (teenagers) had mysteriously flooded the bathroom the night before, and used hand towels in an attempt to soak up the flood. Unsure how they managed it because I have taught them where the shower curtain goes (inside, inside).

Then I heard my kids playing with the toy pushchairs and soft toys. Ah, lovely you might think except they were projecting them down the stairs and in to the stair gate to see what happened to them. And one, was my University toy, Andrew, I think they were specially gleefully chucking him down was he had his own seat in the buggy shopping compartment.

And now I must go to the gym, well as soon as I've finished my coffee and sit down that is...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

What Jemima wants for her know it has all the disappointment of a Mr Frosty just waiting to happen...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Shadow in the Wind

This has kept me reading...and reading. Absolutely brilliant book set in Franco's Barcelona. Eerie and epic. Ignore the look inside sign, lazy cover copying from Amazon.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm the tiniest bit proud...

I'm just back from the opening of the local nursery garden. I was invited because, as a member of the committee we were responsible for fund raising for the garden, and supported the nursery in its development. The nursery just has a really small outside space, so it was key to use it as best as we could, and to enable the children to use it all year round. This wasn't possible with the previous sodden grass on one side and without any shade. Now it is a gorgeous little space, with plants, a muddy digging area for the children, a play side, an outside classroom and is just lovely.

So I'm a little proud of getting the money to make it all possible, and proud to work with such a lovely and productive team to make it happen, including the landscape architect who worked with us (and is a local parent and friend).

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Time for a haircut

I'm off to get my hair cut this afternoon, one of the things I dread the most. Largely because I leave it too long (three months or so) and my hair goes out of style, and because the hairdresser always talks. She, and it doesn't matter where I go, they all say the same, will comment on how long I've left it, the condition of my hair, the amount of grey, and maybe on Eastenders.

Happy only with discussing Eastenders, and holidays. Anyone else share hair cutting dread? Oh, and as for the worry about price...

edit: It only cost £25 today, we did discuss my grey hair, and how long I left it but also the weekend not Eastenders. Also, why do we have to have head massages these days whilst the conditioner is being put on? Most unrelaxing.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Weekend in Hastings

It's been a lovely weekend, kick started the weekend on Friday by a birthday pub lunch for a friend. We then went to the school quiz night, topic Geography and came um, last. Slightly shamed by that but know it was just the topics that let us down. Apparently if it'd been about Jordan's babies we'd have won.

Then on Saturday up the East Hill for tea, and a game of rounders. The East Hill is sort of national treasure of a park, with wild bunnies roaming around, lots of different and special flora and fauna, and amazing views across the Channel and countryside. There's also a handy lift up to it for people allergic to climbing up steep hills.

Today was a lovely garden party in the neighbourhood for a birthday party, complete with treasure hunt, bubbles, and fruity punch. Fantastic. Just chilling out with a beer now after an action packed weekend.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Football Cards...

...have been around for generations, starting with the old cigarette cards. My children have just started getting in to Adrenlyn XL cards, and spend hours looking at them and re-arranging their collections.

The fact is is such an old hobby appeals to me, even if the slight waste of money feeling buying them does not. Still, they are only 50p and they only get a packet a week or so after being good/tidying their rooms etc.

In other news for the last two days the sea fog has come in and slowly frozen us up the hill. Very chilly in the mist.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Man make Fire!

Just back from a lovely, chilled out weekend at Wowo ( ). We played on the swings, played football, made fire, had a gorgeous walk through bluebell woods to the pub, and generally relaxed.

Having a fire made it possible to go this time of year, even though the evenings were chilly our fire, and having a fair few clothes on kept us nice and warm. Unfortunately Wowo is getting really popular so is booked up most weekends this year, but I can highly recommend it for week day trips, or next year.

Noted the fashions of the weekend were mostly wellies, and shorts - not necessarily together but makes me glad I've invested in a pair of shorts for the summer. Next camping trip to Wareham in two weeks time!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Night

There's a real buzz in the air tonight, who's going to win? Who's going to come second? And actually, how many people will vote - certainly today we're expecting a high turnout. I'm just not sure what that means.
This is the first time we've had the party leaders do live debates at election time - which is interesting, can't help wondering how many people think they are actually voting for the leaders though and well, discuss.
My vote is in, as is Mat's. The voting went fairly OK bar Ollie accidentally falling over the nursery barriers in to their tent (sorry A nursery). And I had a monent of tick versus cross debate in my head, which was a worry.
So good luck, and may the best party win. Or at least my one.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lovely presents from Tall Boys

Just picked up a couple of lovely boys from Falaise Road, new student pick up place. Forgot all about them at first but luckily was not too late after a reminder phone call. And luckily had cleaned their bedroom all ready for them.

Sometimes having students to stay is like having a lovely birthday present; these kind boys bought us honey wine, honey from their town, coffee, chocolates and sweets. Really nice presents from really nice tall boys!

And they smile a lot, so I know I'll like them already.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hastings in the sun

It's a flip flop day -just back from a walk on the seafront and can confirm the season has started. The flip flops, mostly with jeans, shorts and roller blades are out in full force.
I've even got my black Haviana's on.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Good Night Out

Had a good night out on Friday, we met in the Jenny Lind in the Old Town which is always nice for a sit down and a pint. Then on to the vodka bar, which had a true one man DJ band playing. And people 'larging it up' to the music. Despite the lovely drinks - I had a bison vodka and apple juice we just could not take the loudness or the 'music' generally.

So I convinced everyone to go the the Brass Monkey, as I'd looked it up and it was soul night. Got there to hear an extremely loud 'heavy metal/punk cross over' band playing. All followed by lots of laughter and a bit of ribbing. It turns out the band did have soul in their name, hence my error. Then home via a taxi driver 'mishearing' us and nearly taking us to the wrong town.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fancy Followers

I do, actually, fancy some more followers so if any of you fancy being a follower, having a shout out, or not, then do feel free. Can't think of any more benefits other than boosting blog's self esteem though.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sorry I couldn't wait...

...for your comments so I went to Ikea. Lovely shiny Ikea of hot dogs, ice cream and colour. Bought a few great bits; a solar light inside a waterproof round lantern, a table runner, a green rug for Ol's room, and the best bit a chest of drawers for our bedroom with loads of space. Loads and loads of space; all I need do now is sort out the clothes and transfer them. Then we'll actually have a wardrobe with hanging space rather than all sorts stuffed in the bottom.
Very excited about new storage - stationary and storage -items from the Gods all.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Lovely Weekend

We've had a lovely Easter weekend, been to Bedgebury, which is a pinetum (place where pine trees live) and the tree part of Kew Gardens, bowling and just hung out.
Now having the 'we're quite broke but do need more storage' age old issue of which is better Argos or Ikea. Of course, the better thing to do would be source a second hand chest of drawers that is solidly built etc. etc. However since Billie the hamster holing up minus an eye in an old storage unit we have it has put me off second hand a bit for keeping clothes in at least.

You never really know what has happened do you? What if an older lady had weed in the drawers? Or anything?

So which is best; Ikea or Argos? Ikea would normally have been our shop of choice but factor against it from here is that it is at least an hour there, and the petrol that two hour round trip costs too. Argos is just down the road, well in the town centre, and has marginally improved its design recently. Still, both shops have a specific 'look' neither of which I'm over keen on.

Any thoughts? What shall we do?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Reference Request

Embarrassingly they have asked for a reference, which is a bit rich considering I didn't get the job. Suspect they ask as a matter of course before all interviews then interviewees too embarrassed to tell references not to bother as they were too rubbish at interview. If you see what I mean.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm just never going to get excited about a job again...

As it always seems to go wrong. This morning I went for a job interview, as a earning assistant at a local college. I got really excited as the job was in the Social Care section and I imagined teaching Sociology to the enthusiastic young students.

Of course it turned out to be teaching pre-GNVQ Health and Social Care, and Childcare to students with lower grades AND all the interview questions were (surprising to me anyway) about my experience teaching and supporting young people. Course my experience is limited to hosting foreign students, and um, being young myself twenty years ago. Neither of which seemed to go down particularly well in the interview.

And I didn't even want the job.

Still, didn't get it so just as well.

Monday, 29 March 2010

It's veggie chilli

We're having vegetarian chilli for tea tonight, no onions though as have run out. Leeks will have to do as an alternative.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

We Went Up the Hill

Lovely Hastings has re-opened with a little fanfare, its' East Hill funicular railway. As a result there were free rides up and down on it yesterday.

We went up to the East Hill, which was much chillier than the Old Town and saw all the activities laid out for the children. J got her face painted and they both participated in an obstacle course and won a book and an inflatable ball (which of course is now in the neighbours garden). We saw a lot of people, hello people we saw!, and we went back down in the actually quite/very steep carriage.

All good fun.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Costa stole my coffee (name)

Flat white is what I've asked for as a coffee for years, particularly in London. (Down here I seem to drink Americano with semi skimmed milk).

And now Costa have launched a drink called Flat White; which is made of frothed milk just sort of flattened down and horror of horrors full fat milk.

Gutted. It's not my drink anymore. Not only do I hate full fat milk I'm distinctly unkeen on things that have been frothed; even then flattened I'm not keen.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jobs for the Girls...

I've had a busy couple of days. One of the biggest things I did was go to a job interview. It was really hard, but, I had thought, had gone well. Well, that is until the end, when although the post was full time I asked if they would consider job share. All the right things were said, and I was to wait to hear...but I think I'll be waiting forever.

I don't want to moan because I am very lucky to have this time with the children, and um, housework in the middle of the day but it does seem an almost impossible task to find a job that fits in with the children, and our life. And frankly, I want one as I am getting a bit bored; the money would come in handy as would the activity itself.

At this stage I do want to work around the children though; after all I had them to look after them myself but it just seems impossible to get the right balance. And to find the job with the right balance, a job that isn't with more children that is. Teaching assistant jobs seem perfect, except not for me. Plus, the pay is terrible.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

They were chubby and did not eat vegetables

There is something about people who leave all their vegetables that really gets to me. I guess it is the opposite upbringing to mine - whereby you had to sit at the table until you finished all your vegetables even if it got quite late. The last two students were of the leave vegetables types, and to make matters worse, their English was so bad that even if they had tried to explain a vegetable allergy or something to me I'd never have understood.

I actually feel a bit cross with them still, even though they've now left.

And another thing, both had a habit of standing whispering outside rooms to I guess plan their sentences, or entrances but it was bloody annoying especially when they creeped up on you.

We're done with students for a couple of weeks now though, which is quite nice actually. Pleased to be able to fling open doors without fear, cook vegetables, (and proper vegetarian food with lentils and things), oh, and I guess build up excitement and cultural awareness skills ready for the next lot.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dinner Dinner Thai Man

Went to the marvellous Thai restaurant in a bookshop last night. Food so gorgeous it will stay in the back of my mind for ages. We took the children, and they were well looked after too. They both had a special main course of noodles and tofu made for them which they loved, and even said was better than my cooking.

Took our own wine too, which is always good, even if I drank most of it as M was driving home. Did bring some back to watch 24 with.

Oh, and for those of those who know what I mean I'm on Book 3 and rooting for the werewolf. Bella could have lovely cute little dark haired children and live merrily in La Push enjoying the beach. Think Edward bit too moral for my liking.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bye Billie Bye

We lost Billie the hamster, nothing out of the ordinary, was no more worried than before. Until we found her. The cat had got hold of her; hurt her leg, bitten her side, and she'd lost an eye. It was terrbly sad, and worrying.

The vet was concerned about her leg, and said it may never heal. She gave me a choice to have her put down straight away or take her home with medicine and wait. I couldn't face putting the lovely lovely Billie down; she'd been nothing but a delight and she didn't deserve this.

I took Billie home with me, giving her medicine twice a day, and blocking all the holes in her cage so she didn't get in to the tunnels and hurt herself more. Her leg swelled up and she started to smell. She continued to be lovely; taking her painkillers, drinking a little, not eating much but nestling down to her bed.

By the end of the weekend it was obvious something was seriously wrong and we took her back to the vet. For the last time. Her broken leg was causing internal bleeding, and the infection was from that. The antibiotics had, and probably could not work. We said goodbye to the loveliest little hamster we'd known.

Eurotastic - they're all plastic

Just been watching this years' song for Europe - song is written by Stock and Waterman and the singers well...let's just see on the day. For now I can say that out of our three contenders Alexis doesn't do the song justice although hewas very good. The girl, Esma got the timing wrong and said Sorry in the middle of the song. But slightly smarmy Last Man gets the timing, and the excitement right and is so so Pop. A true Rick A for the 21st Century.
Fingers crossed.
And yes, lovelies, I'm back - regular updates to follow...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Blank Page

I've got nothing to say.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Overheard in the hairdressers in Priory Road:

' I am a wine snob, I can only drink posh wine'.

'Oh really, so what do you drink?'

' Blossom Hill Zinfandel'.

I kept quiet, I know nothing about wine anyway.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Still got blocked creativity chi or something...

But if I was writing it would be about the silly students leaving the front door wide open this morning. I discovered it half an hour later, lucky we don't live in crime filled area although very encouraging to criminals to leave doors open for them.

Or I'd write about everyone at school giving me the evils because I parked on the corner, and then got car in wrong gear and nearly ran over road crossing families. Nearly it was. Or about how when I went forward another group of children and parents got in my way. But I'd seen them of course, just did not like the looks in their eyes.

Jesus, sometimes just the littlest things are the hardest. Like closing doors, or getting my automatic, with only 2 gears in the right one.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Forgive me dear reader for I have not blogged for ages. I could say it is because I've been busy with the gym and my courses. Or it is because we went away at half term to Swindon and lovely Bristol. Or I could say I've been busy with the housework (but that would not be true).

I think the real reason is a kind of creative block; not just on my writing but also on my art work which has meant I'm stuck, not going anywhere and with no good ideas. So sorry - hopefully normal service resumed shortly, hopefully.

Friday, 12 February 2010

It's twilight for intellectual reads

I've just finished reading this; using the time I should have been reading 'Tess of the D'Ubervilles' for my book group. And its fantastic, really enjoyable, page turn-able fun. Twilight, that is not Tess which has almost put me to sleep every time I've picked it up.

Tess is an allegory for what - the fact that no one really cares about poor Tess and her feelings (unsurprising as she is so so boring despite her misadventures) but Twilight is a good old fashioned story about love, and thwarted love, and the challenges that lovers face. OK, so it is not all that well written, and the descriptions are a little wordy (use wow words I can imagine Stephanie's editor saying, and she certainly does) but it is fun and it keeps you interested.

So sorry bookclub, I've failed the Tess test and joined the teenagers this month. Anyone else prefer Twilight to Tess? Or Tess to Twilight for that matter?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's snowing again and this time we're not having any fun

Fed up with the snow, I'm unsure whether it will settle but either way there's no more fun to be had. Last time around we were out making snow men, playing on the sledges, sliding and drinking hot chocolate. This time, we'll be sitting in the house seething at the boredom of it all and drinking bourbon.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The house is safe at least...

I've had a madly busy early morning. Took the children to school, then rushed to B&Q, which incidentally was absolutely full of staff today, all of whom were helpful and nice -weird, and bought a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Popped a book back in the helpful box for when the library is closed and came home.

I then actually took the appliances out of their packet, which as an electrical screw driver phobic was a big deal.Read the instructions, and put the batteries in then tested them. Jesus at this rate I'll be wielding a drill next week. I then propped them up in appropriate places as really could not understand wall mounting stuff.

Then I've whizzed around changing all the bins, making beds, washing in and out of the machine, cleaning the table, and um, sitting down. Now it's just past ten and I'm waiting for a gas safety visit, hence the devices.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Early to bed...early to rise

If that is not bleeding obvious I don't know what is...but went to bed early last night, up and full of beans this morning. I decided to head to the gym on the bus, enjoyed the lovely bus ride laughed at loud on way home when I heard a small child exclaim; 'Look at the scary man mummy' close to the West Hill. Couldn't spot the scary man unfortunately though suspect it was Mr Grey Area on way to work.

I got a phone call at the gym from our students company saying the girls were trapped in the house. I felt a moments concern then realised they had just been stymied by the double handle thing on the door so told the agency to get them to call me if still stuck, or worst case scenario to leave by back door. Got home unconcerned and then realised I had actually, um, locked them in the house. They had managed to get out by the back door, of course leaving it unlocked for the burglars to enter.

Fortunately, all's well, I'm out of the shower, cat and hamster safe from burglars and students out for blistery walk on Suicide Hill, or whatever they call Beachy Head these days.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

God I'm cross...

Largely because I went to bed early, couldn't sleep and somehow reminisced for hours about hideous work situation seven years ago whereby a white middle aged man tried to bully me in to silence. And partially achieved that, certainly in public although my organisation understood the situation. It made me cross all over again last night, and I even vowed to name and shame the horrible man who was trying to protect his fat cat Chief Executive position at all costs. Even attempting to blame me for his failings.

Of course, this morning I'm still in a mad albeit more sensible frame of mind so won't be giving the silly person the air space. Instead the poor children and hamster are driving me bonkers. They all want something, and they all seem persistent in not doing what they should be doing (children - getting dressed, hamster - being quiet and doing her playing at night time not first thing in the morning when we should be busy).

Oh, and I'm annoying myself as I also need to get a move on...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's time for lunch

I've been meaning to write about packed lunches for a couple of weeks now - the importance of them to children (and adults), the mixing of socially acceptable food with healthy family food, belonging to both peer group via food and lunch box choice and home by having things your mum or dad packed for you.

Somehow I just can't write a decent post or article about this though. Truthfully I think I have over thought it, I've written an essay plan, for my course on it; written an exercise on how packed lunched evoke the different senses and done lots of thinking.

So there it is, thought I'd write something, it is fascinating; brown bread in the 1970's, Cup a Soup's in the office - but never anywhere else, Wagon Wheels and houmous and bread sticks. I can't write it but I'd love to have your thoughts on it? What's healthy and acceptable to the peers? What is unacceptable to your peers, or was? What is downright fantastic? (e.g. Wagon Wheels)...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Quickie Update

I've been to the gym three times this week. Loved it every time, apart from the bit where a piece of equipment accidentally fell on my head today that is. But is is great, only challenge is to not eat everything I can lay my hands on when I get home as I really do get blood sugar wobbles afterwards. Managed a handful of nuts, a little dark chocolate, and an early lunch today so not too bad.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Don't let anyone tell you it is a phase....

But my new one, as of yesterday is the gym. Had a very respectful induction with young man who didn't fall over laughing when I said I preferred seven minute sessions, and intended to go down to dress sizes on this by popping in twice a week for two or three of these mini sesh's.

He was very kind in fact and showed me all the new fangled equipment - a TV in the screen of the treadmill. And the less new fangled; apparently the rowing machine hasn't changed since my last visit, oh um, five years ago. That was a touch embarrassing to admit, but pretended I had been very busy with my babies.

I might even go again today. Will have to have a shower first though.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fifty Pounds Richer

We'll be quids in after our power cut, fifty quid to be precise. Apparently the electricity company are obliged to pay out fifty pounds to each domestic customer who has no power for eighteen hours, then twenty five for every twelve hours afterwards.

Although the food in the fridge and freezer nearly came to that, and we had fifty pound excess so could not claim on the insurance, so probably it all means nothing.

Nothing, nothing at all.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I had a dream...last night

And it was quite disturbing. Henry the Eighth, and his horse were in it, plus me and some carriages. We had to run away from some horses that had gone bad. The evil in them was coming out of their noses in the form of toxic smoke and one sniff and you were dead. Henry the Eighth had some shoe trouble and was looking for some casual shoes to wear whilst running away from the toxic horses. He had some smarter boots but I was worried they would hurt his feet after a while so hunted for his shoes to no avail. I think we just got away in time.

What does it all mean, and is it connected to me having a cold, and incidentally thinking about getting some white low Converse as summer shoes? Horses and kings of England I don't know about!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Difficult Days

It's been a tough couple of days; we had a power cut yesterday, from ten in the morning. I have to say I'm not sure I realised how much I relied on the phone, internet, and lights. Heating we managed without as we're got a wood burner so at least the living room was warm but in a hark back to old snobbishness about Hastings days all I can say is; 'The bloody countryside!'

This would never happen in the city, or at least not for over 24 hours; for some reason it took that amount of time to find a generator that worked so we can have electricity at least temporarily. Apparently something caused the local sub station to blow up and catch on fire meaning a little block of houses near me were all affected. We don't have a gas light, and the battery camping light - oh, yes, maybe I bought a kids one because I preferred the way it looks, and it did not really work. And the other lighting epiphany was that candlelight isn't actually very bright at all. So we could only just about read with torches, which isn't fun; we tried to watch a film on the computer but it ran out of power; and we sat in near darkness before having a cold wash and bed.

Oh, and in the end, all the food in the freezer has gone bad. It'd have been OK if we'd cooked it up in the dark last night and had a party. But we didn't as I naively assumed the freezer would be OK if I didn't open it and that the power surely would not be off for more than 12 hours.

Right, normal service resumed, grump over.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bubbly Budget Booze

Oooh, I've discovered a new drink. In my brief phase of low carb dieting I started having vodka, soda and a slice of lime. Lush once you get used to it, and tonight I decided to have another. But shock horror, we were out of fresh lime. Knowing my area, and I do, I decided the chances of a walk to procure a fresh lime would probably be unproductive so I decided on lemon. And here's my budget, bubbly booze recipe:

1 or 2 shots of vodka
Fizzy mineral water
Thick slice of lemon
Dash of PLJ (or other) lemon juice

Mix together in a tall glass, sit back and enjoy.

Particularly good in front of the new fantastic Glee, see E4 tomorrow at nine pm if missed tonight, or ingredients missing, and Mondays are acceptable decadent telly watching nights. Glee is camp, fun and full of songs, with a little drama. Love it. Any other favourite drink/TV combo's?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Shall we have some more questions?

Talk about self conscious blogging, but recently on my Creative Writing course, which actually encompasses all styles of writing including blogging, the teacher described it as a very interactive process with lots of questions to engage the reader. I realised I consciously did do that a year or so ago, and have slipped back in to simply noting things down and expecting you, dear readers, to know I love comments, and involvement. Maybe that is not good enough though and we must have more questions.

So - what do you think? Would it seem a little false if I ended more posts with a question? Or is it an excellent way to get reader participation in the blog?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I blog...therefore I am...

a bit boring at the moment. I've just re-read some old posts and realised I've been a bit lacklustre of late, both with my blogging and in life. In all honesty I can say I've been a bit bored; sometimes having it all (or at least without a job) is actually, ho, hum, not enough and bit well, dull.

However new day, new year, new me, I've had a lovely morning doing 'art' I've got a fabulously funny friend coming to visit this week, and I'm all excited so I must note the following:

1. I need to stop smoking for various reasons but these are the current ones;

  • The pictures on the packets make me feel a bit ill, and I really don't want a diseased heart/lungs.
  • I don't want the children to see me smoke.
  • It's cold outside.
  • See above, so I could put my pyjamas on earlier if I stopped.
  • It's expensive unless you brave dodgy cheap shops and do special looking down techniques to get the bargain stuff.

2. I made a lovely vegetarian possibly beef style stew last night and just had it for lunch.

3. Must remember I really like soya chunks, see above.

4. I must get some soft pencils, I'm almost obsessing about how much I need them, even if truth be told I very rarely use a pencil.

5. It's like really cold, and I'm pleased I've discovered the delights of long sleeve tops underneath short sleeved ones. Sort of a t-shirted baggy tank top look.

6. That is all for now, except I really like to blog.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sledges are out again today....

We so could be in the Alps, or at least Wales couldn't we? And this picture is so J - absolutely photo posing face.

P.s. yes, these are really my children, honest.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My etsy shop

I've just started to populate this with some handmade or upcycled goodies, many more to come, watch this space:

We (will do some more) sledging again today...

It's snow day mark two. Honestly in my day, the village school used to open nearly every day, just closed whenever the boiler broke, which was probably a euphemism for a snow day now come to think about it.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We did some sledging

We couldn't face walking as far as the West Hill, particularly as was worried we'd all get cold and wet. Well knew we would.

So instead we wandered down the street pulling our supersonic (more of that later) sledges, called for some friends and found a great little hill on the edge of the East Hill. Sometime after we'd be sledging down it causing it to become a great slippery ice rink of a hill we realised it was actually a shortcut to some houses and middle aged ladies kept trying to walk up with bags of shopping.

However, that did not deter us, we risked the railings leading to the frozen reservoir on one side, brambles on the other and sped, I say, sped down the hill. Our friends had a more sophisticated version of a sledge which was a much more sedate ride, which dare I say I preferred.

We only had two big tantrums between us, laughed at each other, particularly at unskilled turning skills and had a brilliant time. Roll on tomorrow's snow day!

It's a snow day today. Yay! Just need to venture down to town and see if we can get a sledge. If not the bodyboard will be put in to use again. Without me on it this time, as now M more important think he'll be working even on snow day. Shame.

Monday, 4 January 2010

My World will get better a bit bigger soon

Things are changing in the tattyhouse this week; smallest child is full time at school (with the proviso that we pull her back to part time if she gets too tired), M starts a new job - and we're all very proud of him, and I, um, have registered to do two courses. Of course (geddit) I could not just start with one but am about to undertake hopefully, quite low level morning a week courses in Art and Design and in Creative Writing. Not sure I have a novel in me, and have only just realised I have a 'voice' so am keen to just keep trying on the basics; i.e. write stuff that makes sense and does not bore people too much.

And as for Art and Design, I'm really excited about that too - and its local and up the hill which always makes me happy. Rumour has it we might do some lino printing too and I can't forget how utterly satisfying making marks in to lino with a sharp scraper is. I think the last time I did it was during my GCSE's when I did a project on my hands. Or it might have been washing up, but I remember talking lots of hand photos and have a nice unlined one to look back on.

We're all going to be busier than ever - but planning is a great thing. Oh, and I've got a lovely moleskin diary to write it all in so I don't mind.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Falling apart at the seams...

OK, so remember my neck issue where possibly stress made it a bit itchy and red. Well it turns out, after a visit to my helpful nhs pharmacist I am actually suffering from fungus neck. It sort of is better than my fungus face episode a number of years ago, as it not on my face. But is sort of ten times worse as it looks so so ugly and it really hurts.

Luckily there is an answer and it is some supersonic athlete's foot cream. Which is a fungus too, although hopefully a different kind. Oh, and lovely pharmacist said; 'Ooh, it looks red and a bit wet.' Grim.

And I've got some spots on my chin.