Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Football Cards...

...have been around for generations, starting with the old cigarette cards. My children have just started getting in to Adrenlyn XL cards, and spend hours looking at them and re-arranging their collections.

The fact is is such an old hobby appeals to me, even if the slight waste of money feeling buying them does not. Still, they are only 50p and they only get a packet a week or so after being good/tidying their rooms etc.

In other news for the last two days the sea fog has come in and slowly frozen us up the hill. Very chilly in the mist.


Brax said...

Hi Tatty

I dont suppose you are a user of Tiger balm are you? I have made an experimental one ( natural rather than the normally available which has a petrochemical base) and need someone who uses the stuff to give me honest feedback.


tattyhouse said...

Hi Brax
No, sorry I don't use tiger balm...sorry.