Sunday, 28 February 2010


Overheard in the hairdressers in Priory Road:

' I am a wine snob, I can only drink posh wine'.

'Oh really, so what do you drink?'

' Blossom Hill Zinfandel'.

I kept quiet, I know nothing about wine anyway.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Still got blocked creativity chi or something...

But if I was writing it would be about the silly students leaving the front door wide open this morning. I discovered it half an hour later, lucky we don't live in crime filled area although very encouraging to criminals to leave doors open for them.

Or I'd write about everyone at school giving me the evils because I parked on the corner, and then got car in wrong gear and nearly ran over road crossing families. Nearly it was. Or about how when I went forward another group of children and parents got in my way. But I'd seen them of course, just did not like the looks in their eyes.

Jesus, sometimes just the littlest things are the hardest. Like closing doors, or getting my automatic, with only 2 gears in the right one.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Forgive me dear reader for I have not blogged for ages. I could say it is because I've been busy with the gym and my courses. Or it is because we went away at half term to Swindon and lovely Bristol. Or I could say I've been busy with the housework (but that would not be true).

I think the real reason is a kind of creative block; not just on my writing but also on my art work which has meant I'm stuck, not going anywhere and with no good ideas. So sorry - hopefully normal service resumed shortly, hopefully.

Friday, 12 February 2010

It's twilight for intellectual reads

I've just finished reading this; using the time I should have been reading 'Tess of the D'Ubervilles' for my book group. And its fantastic, really enjoyable, page turn-able fun. Twilight, that is not Tess which has almost put me to sleep every time I've picked it up.

Tess is an allegory for what - the fact that no one really cares about poor Tess and her feelings (unsurprising as she is so so boring despite her misadventures) but Twilight is a good old fashioned story about love, and thwarted love, and the challenges that lovers face. OK, so it is not all that well written, and the descriptions are a little wordy (use wow words I can imagine Stephanie's editor saying, and she certainly does) but it is fun and it keeps you interested.

So sorry bookclub, I've failed the Tess test and joined the teenagers this month. Anyone else prefer Twilight to Tess? Or Tess to Twilight for that matter?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's snowing again and this time we're not having any fun

Fed up with the snow, I'm unsure whether it will settle but either way there's no more fun to be had. Last time around we were out making snow men, playing on the sledges, sliding and drinking hot chocolate. This time, we'll be sitting in the house seething at the boredom of it all and drinking bourbon.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The house is safe at least...

I've had a madly busy early morning. Took the children to school, then rushed to B&Q, which incidentally was absolutely full of staff today, all of whom were helpful and nice -weird, and bought a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Popped a book back in the helpful box for when the library is closed and came home.

I then actually took the appliances out of their packet, which as an electrical screw driver phobic was a big deal.Read the instructions, and put the batteries in then tested them. Jesus at this rate I'll be wielding a drill next week. I then propped them up in appropriate places as really could not understand wall mounting stuff.

Then I've whizzed around changing all the bins, making beds, washing in and out of the machine, cleaning the table, and um, sitting down. Now it's just past ten and I'm waiting for a gas safety visit, hence the devices.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Early to bed...early to rise

If that is not bleeding obvious I don't know what is...but went to bed early last night, up and full of beans this morning. I decided to head to the gym on the bus, enjoyed the lovely bus ride laughed at loud on way home when I heard a small child exclaim; 'Look at the scary man mummy' close to the West Hill. Couldn't spot the scary man unfortunately though suspect it was Mr Grey Area on way to work.

I got a phone call at the gym from our students company saying the girls were trapped in the house. I felt a moments concern then realised they had just been stymied by the double handle thing on the door so told the agency to get them to call me if still stuck, or worst case scenario to leave by back door. Got home unconcerned and then realised I had actually, um, locked them in the house. They had managed to get out by the back door, of course leaving it unlocked for the burglars to enter.

Fortunately, all's well, I'm out of the shower, cat and hamster safe from burglars and students out for blistery walk on Suicide Hill, or whatever they call Beachy Head these days.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

God I'm cross...

Largely because I went to bed early, couldn't sleep and somehow reminisced for hours about hideous work situation seven years ago whereby a white middle aged man tried to bully me in to silence. And partially achieved that, certainly in public although my organisation understood the situation. It made me cross all over again last night, and I even vowed to name and shame the horrible man who was trying to protect his fat cat Chief Executive position at all costs. Even attempting to blame me for his failings.

Of course, this morning I'm still in a mad albeit more sensible frame of mind so won't be giving the silly person the air space. Instead the poor children and hamster are driving me bonkers. They all want something, and they all seem persistent in not doing what they should be doing (children - getting dressed, hamster - being quiet and doing her playing at night time not first thing in the morning when we should be busy).

Oh, and I'm annoying myself as I also need to get a move on...