Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's the end...for now

I've spent some time reviewing this blog, with the intention of publishing it. I've enjoyed writing it, I've enjoyed reading back over it, and most importantly it has been a lifesaver in keeping my sanity at times. It has been fantastic to have a record of our family's last four years, our move to Hastings, managing on one salary, our ups and our downs and our everyday life.

We're happily settled now, we have a lovely, albeit naughty dog Lily. Both children are settled in school and we've found a good community and great friends around us. M is in a new job as a Deputy Head, working hard to change a local school around and I'm exploring voluntary work options whilst staying primarily as a housewife. I'm now proud of staying at home and looking after the family, I've come to terms with this as a feminist and remain largely happy with my roles.

Who knows what will come next for us? But I do know if we stick together as a family we'll do alright, and have a few adventures on the way.