Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm the tiniest bit proud...

I'm just back from the opening of the local nursery garden. I was invited because, as a member of the committee we were responsible for fund raising for the garden, and supported the nursery in its development. The nursery just has a really small outside space, so it was key to use it as best as we could, and to enable the children to use it all year round. This wasn't possible with the previous sodden grass on one side and without any shade. Now it is a gorgeous little space, with plants, a muddy digging area for the children, a play side, an outside classroom and is just lovely.

So I'm a little proud of getting the money to make it all possible, and proud to work with such a lovely and productive team to make it happen, including the landscape architect who worked with us (and is a local parent and friend).

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Time for a haircut

I'm off to get my hair cut this afternoon, one of the things I dread the most. Largely because I leave it too long (three months or so) and my hair goes out of style, and because the hairdresser always talks. She, and it doesn't matter where I go, they all say the same, will comment on how long I've left it, the condition of my hair, the amount of grey, and maybe on Eastenders.

Happy only with discussing Eastenders, and holidays. Anyone else share hair cutting dread? Oh, and as for the worry about price...

edit: It only cost £25 today, we did discuss my grey hair, and how long I left it but also the weekend not Eastenders. Also, why do we have to have head massages these days whilst the conditioner is being put on? Most unrelaxing.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Weekend in Hastings

It's been a lovely weekend, kick started the weekend on Friday by a birthday pub lunch for a friend. We then went to the school quiz night, topic Geography and came um, last. Slightly shamed by that but know it was just the topics that let us down. Apparently if it'd been about Jordan's babies we'd have won.

Then on Saturday up the East Hill for tea, and a game of rounders. The East Hill is sort of national treasure of a park, with wild bunnies roaming around, lots of different and special flora and fauna, and amazing views across the Channel and countryside. There's also a handy lift up to it for people allergic to climbing up steep hills.

Today was a lovely garden party in the neighbourhood for a birthday party, complete with treasure hunt, bubbles, and fruity punch. Fantastic. Just chilling out with a beer now after an action packed weekend.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Football Cards...

...have been around for generations, starting with the old cigarette cards. My children have just started getting in to Adrenlyn XL cards, and spend hours looking at them and re-arranging their collections.

The fact is is such an old hobby appeals to me, even if the slight waste of money feeling buying them does not. Still, they are only 50p and they only get a packet a week or so after being good/tidying their rooms etc.

In other news for the last two days the sea fog has come in and slowly frozen us up the hill. Very chilly in the mist.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Man make Fire!

Just back from a lovely, chilled out weekend at Wowo ( ). We played on the swings, played football, made fire, had a gorgeous walk through bluebell woods to the pub, and generally relaxed.

Having a fire made it possible to go this time of year, even though the evenings were chilly our fire, and having a fair few clothes on kept us nice and warm. Unfortunately Wowo is getting really popular so is booked up most weekends this year, but I can highly recommend it for week day trips, or next year.

Noted the fashions of the weekend were mostly wellies, and shorts - not necessarily together but makes me glad I've invested in a pair of shorts for the summer. Next camping trip to Wareham in two weeks time!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Night

There's a real buzz in the air tonight, who's going to win? Who's going to come second? And actually, how many people will vote - certainly today we're expecting a high turnout. I'm just not sure what that means.
This is the first time we've had the party leaders do live debates at election time - which is interesting, can't help wondering how many people think they are actually voting for the leaders though and well, discuss.
My vote is in, as is Mat's. The voting went fairly OK bar Ollie accidentally falling over the nursery barriers in to their tent (sorry A nursery). And I had a monent of tick versus cross debate in my head, which was a worry.
So good luck, and may the best party win. Or at least my one.