Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween Spooky Night

First Halloween in Hastings, loads of fun. We went trick or treating - were going to be very strict and just go to a couple of local friends' houses but it was great. All the neighbourood was very clear about which were happy Halloween houses and which weren't. The happy ones had decorations all over, and some pumpkin clues. My friend in Essex had told me the family clue in her village was to look for a lighted pumkin, here it is much more creative and adventurous than that.

The best house had a lots of do not enter tape on the door, and banged like a monster from inside when we knocked on the door. The second best, but most decorated was great - spooky masks on the door, more do not enter signs. Fantastic.

My kids dressed up as a ghost and a witch, loads of fun making up costumes and mask and hat respectively. We also did a pumpkin, a flying bat, and some scary window pictures. Will definitely be doing similar next year. Although lessons learnt ate quite a few:

- Buy loads more sweets, had three giant multipacks today, not enough!

- Go out earlier with the kids so we can get back to play some spooky music, eat sweets and give out treats ourselves

- Not put out pumpkin until we are back, so can greet fellow trick or treaters rather than rely on husband to do it, and miss the fun!

- Hastings really is great, people love to party, and love to celebrate things.

That's alll for now, off to eat some sweety booty.

Friday, 19 October 2007

slugs slugs

They're in the bathroom now, baby ones seem to live under the bath...not nice. Love the size of this house but never ending problems make it seem less homely than I'd like. Basically think we need to spend an additional twenty grand to get it up to standard, probably exactly the money the house should have been sold for- not such a bargain after all!
Loving the garden though, even with badger holes and slugs. Saw a fox last night, which was great, and just realised have two glimpses of the sea from the bedroom window. Planning a birthday party for me, at the moment, and loving space we have to host it.
Saw the beautiful country park at the weekend, so lovely to be close to something so special, amazing sea views and you can't actually hear traffic which being a Londoner I find amazing. Even my favourite parks in London, like Victoria Park and Wanstead Park had a slight traffic noise, and slight urban view in them.