Friday, 19 October 2007

slugs slugs

They're in the bathroom now, baby ones seem to live under the bath...not nice. Love the size of this house but never ending problems make it seem less homely than I'd like. Basically think we need to spend an additional twenty grand to get it up to standard, probably exactly the money the house should have been sold for- not such a bargain after all!
Loving the garden though, even with badger holes and slugs. Saw a fox last night, which was great, and just realised have two glimpses of the sea from the bedroom window. Planning a birthday party for me, at the moment, and loving space we have to host it.
Saw the beautiful country park at the weekend, so lovely to be close to something so special, amazing sea views and you can't actually hear traffic which being a Londoner I find amazing. Even my favourite parks in London, like Victoria Park and Wanstead Park had a slight traffic noise, and slight urban view in them.

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