Monday, 4 January 2010

My World will get better a bit bigger soon

Things are changing in the tattyhouse this week; smallest child is full time at school (with the proviso that we pull her back to part time if she gets too tired), M starts a new job - and we're all very proud of him, and I, um, have registered to do two courses. Of course (geddit) I could not just start with one but am about to undertake hopefully, quite low level morning a week courses in Art and Design and in Creative Writing. Not sure I have a novel in me, and have only just realised I have a 'voice' so am keen to just keep trying on the basics; i.e. write stuff that makes sense and does not bore people too much.

And as for Art and Design, I'm really excited about that too - and its local and up the hill which always makes me happy. Rumour has it we might do some lino printing too and I can't forget how utterly satisfying making marks in to lino with a sharp scraper is. I think the last time I did it was during my GCSE's when I did a project on my hands. Or it might have been washing up, but I remember talking lots of hand photos and have a nice unlined one to look back on.

We're all going to be busier than ever - but planning is a great thing. Oh, and I've got a lovely moleskin diary to write it all in so I don't mind.


Boadicea said...

A moleskin diary? How cruel! Those poor little moles!
Where is the Art and design? Hillcrest evening classes? Sounds interesting, good luck:-)
I like my word verification today: "splat"!

tattyhousehastings said...

No moles were harmed in the production of...etc etc.
Course is at The Bridge - they do a few bits and pieces.

Brax said...

Good luck. Especially with the writing. I am sure you will do well. I fancy Art & design myself!

smilernpb said...

The creative writing sounds lovely. I hope to be able to read some of your work soon.

And if by any chance you become the next JK Rowling, please remember your poor bloggy followers and splash the cash on us when you make your first million. (Remember: you heard it here first!).

Happy New Year x