Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bubbly Budget Booze

Oooh, I've discovered a new drink. In my brief phase of low carb dieting I started having vodka, soda and a slice of lime. Lush once you get used to it, and tonight I decided to have another. But shock horror, we were out of fresh lime. Knowing my area, and I do, I decided the chances of a walk to procure a fresh lime would probably be unproductive so I decided on lemon. And here's my budget, bubbly booze recipe:

1 or 2 shots of vodka
Fizzy mineral water
Thick slice of lemon
Dash of PLJ (or other) lemon juice

Mix together in a tall glass, sit back and enjoy.

Particularly good in front of the new fantastic Glee, see E4 tomorrow at nine pm if missed tonight, or ingredients missing, and Mondays are acceptable decadent telly watching nights. Glee is camp, fun and full of songs, with a little drama. Love it. Any other favourite drink/TV combo's?


Sandra Morris said...


How long have you got?

Just about anything mixed with cheap cava is ok.

Personally I favour the classic G&T with ice and a slice. The T has got to be Schweppes though, not the cheaper 'own brand' stuff

Jenandollie said...

Blimey, how many times, stop adding stuff to decent drinks and ruining them!

But actually this time I might back down from this normal mantra and give it a go, sounds quite refreshing.

Which reminds me, its got to be time soon for a "Mums wot drink" night out?

Boadicea said...

Vodka, tropical fruit juice, lemonade in a biggish glass, proportions depending on need.

By the way, Bev, I started reading your blog this past summer and you had me in stitches with your foreign student stories; I recently went back and read all your blogs from when you first moved down here and was surprised to find quite a different person - somewhat scathing about life in the backwoods after the bright lights of London! Do you feel different now?

verification word "panquil" - is that what one feels like when all the cooking and washing up is done relaxing with aforementioned alcohol?!

tattyhouse said...

I have convinced myself, almost that tonic own brand is Ok - it is so much cheaper! And vodka needs an add on Jen, ropical juice and lemonade sounds lush B.
And you are right I've changed/learned to love my new home/accepted my fate depending on the day you ask me.

tattyhouse said...

That's tropical not ropical, which sounds a bit ropey too me.