Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I blog...therefore I am...

a bit boring at the moment. I've just re-read some old posts and realised I've been a bit lacklustre of late, both with my blogging and in life. In all honesty I can say I've been a bit bored; sometimes having it all (or at least without a job) is actually, ho, hum, not enough and bit well, dull.

However new day, new year, new me, I've had a lovely morning doing 'art' I've got a fabulously funny friend coming to visit this week, and I'm all excited so I must note the following:

1. I need to stop smoking for various reasons but these are the current ones;

  • The pictures on the packets make me feel a bit ill, and I really don't want a diseased heart/lungs.
  • I don't want the children to see me smoke.
  • It's cold outside.
  • See above, so I could put my pyjamas on earlier if I stopped.
  • It's expensive unless you brave dodgy cheap shops and do special looking down techniques to get the bargain stuff.

2. I made a lovely vegetarian possibly beef style stew last night and just had it for lunch.

3. Must remember I really like soya chunks, see above.

4. I must get some soft pencils, I'm almost obsessing about how much I need them, even if truth be told I very rarely use a pencil.

5. It's like really cold, and I'm pleased I've discovered the delights of long sleeve tops underneath short sleeved ones. Sort of a t-shirted baggy tank top look.

6. That is all for now, except I really like to blog.


Boadicea said...

Somehow I never pictured you as a smoker - boozer, yes, a smoker no! What other secret vices are you hiding...?!

tattyhouse said...

Hmm, I don't actually consider myself either - I used to be a smoker, proper one and now am very part time. And as for a boozer....

Sandra Morris said...

You still managing to stay wine-free weekdays?

I really enjoy reading your blog so please don't even think of giving it again....

tattyhouse said...

Weekdays - um, sometimes. Is that a rubbish answer/resolution? Must try harder.