Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We did some sledging

We couldn't face walking as far as the West Hill, particularly as was worried we'd all get cold and wet. Well knew we would.

So instead we wandered down the street pulling our supersonic (more of that later) sledges, called for some friends and found a great little hill on the edge of the East Hill. Sometime after we'd be sledging down it causing it to become a great slippery ice rink of a hill we realised it was actually a shortcut to some houses and middle aged ladies kept trying to walk up with bags of shopping.

However, that did not deter us, we risked the railings leading to the frozen reservoir on one side, brambles on the other and sped, I say, sped down the hill. Our friends had a more sophisticated version of a sledge which was a much more sedate ride, which dare I say I preferred.

We only had two big tantrums between us, laughed at each other, particularly at unskilled turning skills and had a brilliant time. Roll on tomorrow's snow day!

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