Sunday, 28 March 2010

We Went Up the Hill

Lovely Hastings has re-opened with a little fanfare, its' East Hill funicular railway. As a result there were free rides up and down on it yesterday.

We went up to the East Hill, which was much chillier than the Old Town and saw all the activities laid out for the children. J got her face painted and they both participated in an obstacle course and won a book and an inflatable ball (which of course is now in the neighbours garden). We saw a lot of people, hello people we saw!, and we went back down in the actually quite/very steep carriage.

All good fun.


Sandra Morris said...

We were particularly intrepid and took a picnic and camping chairs up to the top where where we subsequently braved the increasingly chilly wind for an hour before beating a retreat to the relatively tropical temperatures down below.

Good to see so many people entering into the spirit of thing in Edwardian dress though. We travelled up in the lift along with Edward VII and Beatrix Potter!

smilernpb said...

Oh wow, sounds great. We are planning a trip to Bexhill to visit my Mum sometime this year. It's been a LONG time since we last visited....but if the Railway is still running, I know B would LOVE it! :o)

tattyhouse said...

Both East and West Hill funicular rilways now operating which is great. And they are both fun. Ice cream van to look forward to on East Hill (and great walks/views) and castle/cafe on West Hill.

Boadicea said...

Mmm ... word today "prolov" - I like it.

Thumbs up from us to the cafe on the West Hill. Forgot all about the "grand reopening" of the East Hill lift but it'll be a good thing to take students on, n'est-pas? You get a better view than the other.