Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jobs for the Girls...

I've had a busy couple of days. One of the biggest things I did was go to a job interview. It was really hard, but, I had thought, had gone well. Well, that is until the end, when although the post was full time I asked if they would consider job share. All the right things were said, and I was to wait to hear...but I think I'll be waiting forever.

I don't want to moan because I am very lucky to have this time with the children, and um, housework in the middle of the day but it does seem an almost impossible task to find a job that fits in with the children, and our life. And frankly, I want one as I am getting a bit bored; the money would come in handy as would the activity itself.

At this stage I do want to work around the children though; after all I had them to look after them myself but it just seems impossible to get the right balance. And to find the job with the right balance, a job that isn't with more children that is. Teaching assistant jobs seem perfect, except not for me. Plus, the pay is terrible.


Boadicea said...

I'm with you on that one, Bev - that's why I did work as a T.A. until about 3 years ago. Actually, it wasn't the working with kids, when I was able to get on and "teach", rather than crowd control, it was the endless p.c., elf and safety, paperwork crap that did for me!
Being able to fit in with your family is why so many women are now starting up their own businesses; isn't there something you could do, that you are good at and/or enjoy that you could do as a part time business? Choose your own hours to a certain extent and still have contact with the "real" (adult!) world?
Good luck.:- )

P.S. Ha ha, my word verification is "prunewar" - the mind boggles!

tattyhouse said...

Thanks for your comment B- I wish I was good at something.. enough to set up a business anyway!

Sandra Morris said...

I started my own business when my children were very young so that I could work flexibly. Of course I ended up working crazy hours but at least I was always at home.

If you're considering setting up a small business, just make sure it's doing something you absolutely love because there will be days when you love it less.

BTW we're going to the Thai bookshop for dinner tomorrow... really looking forward to it so thanks for the recommendation.

tattyhouse said...

Enjoy your dinner Sandra.

Boadicea said...

Today's word verification:"expusses" - presumably dead cats?!