Monday, 27 September 2010

Worst Cold in the World

I've had a shocker of a cold since Friday, been unable to sleep, drink, even eat at times. I still feel very unwell although last night I had a better nights' sleep what with waking up every 2 hours rather than half an hour.


Sandra Morris said...

Hot whisky toddy with honey and lemon works a treat. It might not cure your cold but hopefully you won't care.

Hope you feel better soon...

tattyhouse said...

Thanks for the tip...cold has got better now even without booze amazingly.

Boadicea said...

We're all getting a bit lax with our blogs, aren't we? Haven't written anything on mine for ages either. Is it because we are so busy with real life?
I do like the word verification today though: "smuncess".
Witty meanings, anyone?
Smug princess, perhaps?
Oops, must have typed it in wrong; now I have "chiriz", which sounds like a chav girl's name!

Boadicea said...

Where are you? Miss seeing your blog. The cold didn't do you in, did it?!

Brax said...

Have you given up blogging?

I hope all is well with you and yours.