Tuesday, 7 September 2010

One Wedding, two funerals

We've got a memorial service on Thursday for Clive, as a popular teacher, and with friends and family I'm expecting it to be very busy, and very emotional again. I can't do justice to writing about Clive yet so I won't but needless to say he's been in our thoughts a lot.

We've also got a wedding to look forward to at the start of October - it's a small friends and family wedding; we're part of the friends contingent - it is one of Ollie's godfathers that is getting married. The service is in Lyme Regis, a lovely town so we're looking forward to spending some time there.

Weirdly we are staying in Charmouth, about a mile up the road where my childhood holidays were spent in a caravan. In fact, we have decided to stay in a caravan for the weekend, rather than spend a little extra for a lodge. I just could not resist for the nostalgia fest, plus the lodges are probably just wood cladded caravans anyway. Wonder how much the decor will have changed?


Jenandollie said...

Hope you have a good time in the caravan. I love the sound of rain bouncing on the roofs, knowing we are inside warm and dry normally eating some sort of homemade stew and bread.

take care

tattyhouse said...

Thanks Jen - am looking forward to weekend away.