Monday, 13 September 2010

It's all about the coffee

I've just decided, and agreed with the Bridge, our local community centre to start volunteering there. I'm going to work in the cafe on a Wednesday morning, not alarmed about it at all apart from the very swanky coffee machine I'm going to have to learn to operate. Of course am nervous it will get very busy, as it does sometimes and I'll have a flap but apart from that it should be fun and a nice way to help, and get out of the house.
At least I know the components of all coffees, and just need to worry about them having the right milk, and of course the machine itself. Expressio anyone?
Oh, and in other exciting news we've got a new hamster. We also bought a new hamster cage, which is very secure with no way of hamsters escaping or cats getting them free. The hamster is called Gnasher, and is mostly Ollie's; it seems very cute so far and also very fat.

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Boadicea said...

Our poor little thing just died... I know she was pretty old (for a hamster, i.e about 2 and a half) but she just suddenly went down hill, within 24 hours she stopped eating and drinking, curled up in a little ball with her eyes closed and ears so flat you'd think she didn't have any and said goodbye. Gulp.