Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fancy Followers

I do, actually, fancy some more followers so if any of you fancy being a follower, having a shout out, or not, then do feel free. Can't think of any more benefits other than boosting blog's self esteem though.


Karin F. said...

you silly thing LOL
we are followers that's why we're reading this post.

Boadicea said...

I follow you, but if I officially "Follow" you, lots of other people have access to my details, which I don't want. Probably some other people are the same...?
Oh I do like these veri words: today it's "pingest".
Should we make a dictionary of word verification words?

Oops, I must have mistyped it; now it's asking for "sinsion" - the mind boggles!

tattyhouse said...

Followers is such a silly word too...

Clare said...

I need more followers too, swap???


Karin F. said...

"other" people only have access to the details that you give them. Besides what details are you worried about? Your email? ....then set up a separate one that you use only for this purpose. Lots of free ones around!
Surely not your photo! ...unless you look like one of Torchwood Weevils LOL
You Europeans worry about the strangest things!

Jenandollie said...

@ Karin, we worry about these things because generally most of us either have or know someone who has had problems with identity theft. However separate email as you suggested is what I use so agree with that one.

@ B: As for more followers, you could get them a variety of ways:

Start publicly following other blogs, people will then look at yours.

Write about things that other people don’t know about and would be interested in.

Have a "theme" for a month and get other people to contribute and blog about it on their blog.

Hope you are all enjoying the School break.

Sandra Morris said...

I am an official boney fido follower of this blog and proud to be so.

Boadicea, just edit your profile so that only the details you want to appear are listed.

I don't list my email address in my profile, or any other 'sensitive' information.

Then you can 'follow' with impunity.

Word verification: swalsess.
Isn't that what you do with drinksess?

tattyhouse said...

Thanks ladies all - and thanks for your ideas Jen. I kinda know all that stuff but just magically want people to like my stuff wtithout chasing them dowm. Think they are supposed to find me by sheer luck.
Drinksess tonight for me.

Jenandollie said...

Hope you all enjoy your drinks, I could find neither babysitter nor money so sadly won't be coming out to play :O(

Will have my usual sambuca black at home like a billy no mates instead!

lucy said...

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