Monday, 5 April 2010

Lovely Weekend

We've had a lovely Easter weekend, been to Bedgebury, which is a pinetum (place where pine trees live) and the tree part of Kew Gardens, bowling and just hung out.
Now having the 'we're quite broke but do need more storage' age old issue of which is better Argos or Ikea. Of course, the better thing to do would be source a second hand chest of drawers that is solidly built etc. etc. However since Billie the hamster holing up minus an eye in an old storage unit we have it has put me off second hand a bit for keeping clothes in at least.

You never really know what has happened do you? What if an older lady had weed in the drawers? Or anything?

So which is best; Ikea or Argos? Ikea would normally have been our shop of choice but factor against it from here is that it is at least an hour there, and the petrol that two hour round trip costs too. Argos is just down the road, well in the town centre, and has marginally improved its design recently. Still, both shops have a specific 'look' neither of which I'm over keen on.

Any thoughts? What shall we do?

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