Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Good Night Out

Had a good night out on Friday, we met in the Jenny Lind in the Old Town which is always nice for a sit down and a pint. Then on to the vodka bar, which had a true one man DJ band playing. And people 'larging it up' to the music. Despite the lovely drinks - I had a bison vodka and apple juice we just could not take the loudness or the 'music' generally.

So I convinced everyone to go the the Brass Monkey, as I'd looked it up and it was soul night. Got there to hear an extremely loud 'heavy metal/punk cross over' band playing. All followed by lots of laughter and a bit of ribbing. It turns out the band did have soul in their name, hence my error. Then home via a taxi driver 'mishearing' us and nearly taking us to the wrong town.

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