Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chimney don't fall down yet...

So we're having our chimney taken down, and re-built as it is lopsided. Been a bit of a back burner worry for the last four years, particularly as it is on the side of the house that gets the sea storms first.

It's one of those annoying jobs though that need two sets of tradespeople - the roofer, and the scaffolders. As they seem to be friends, or at least work together frequently I assumed it would all go smoothly. Not the case. The scaffolders turned up at lunchtime yesterday, built a bit, had a cup of tea, then had to 'get on with something else' at two. I bumped in to them in town at three in bhs, so goodness knows what they were up to. Knicker shopping?

Then the roofer was supposed to come today, but we've put him off until Thursday as the scaffolding is nowhere near the roof yet. But he now says he might be busy until Monday (how does that work?).

And to cap it all it is raining today, the scaffolders were not due until lunchtime again (something to do with vans and strikes that I didn't understand). But I bet rain stops play again. Although they might squeeze in a cup of tea. Sadly I didn't offer biscuits yesterday, this may be the root of the problem.

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smilernpb said...

Offer them some biscuits and keep them refreshed with cups of tea and I am sure all will be well, and the job will be completed in super quick time! lol