Monday, 17 January 2011

Little spotty funny face

We've got a dog; a cross Spaniel and Jack Russell, no please no more comments about what a 'lively untrainable mix' this is, I didn't know OK. She is called Lily, and is really nice sometimes. Other times she runs manically around the house trying to bite ankles, steal shoes to eat, get at the crisps, bark and have wees. When she's nice though, she is very very nice - cuddling up to the whole family, wagging her tail, playing with her toys, saying hello to other dogs and so on.

Lily is 18 weeks old, her first family couldn't manage her, their kitten and year old baby in a flat without a garden. She'd been crate trained there, but I can't bring myself to do that so she's a bit more free range at ours. Hence the need to train her to 'Leave it'. If I'm honest, there are times, when I'm fancying a bit of peace and do wish there was a way to get her to get in her bed for a rest and stay there for more than a minute.

I'm actually thinking having a puppy is harder than an over-active toddler, because (mostly) toddlers don't nip, are not so loud and wear nappies. Lily has settled down slowly since we got her though so do have faith in her ability to be trained. Well I do most of the time.

Off to dog training classes next week. Hoping trainer not too strict with owners as I did read something worrying in puppy book whereby the author said she could tell how well behaved a puppy would turn out to be by looking at the owner's children!


Sandra Morris said...

Awwww.... she's lovely.

Particularly like the trail of treats by her paws, presumably to persuade her to look directly at the camera for her close-up.

There is no such thing as an untrainable dog. Merely untrainable owners. She will settle down...eventually, and in the meantime just learn to embrace the puppy mayhem. They grow up faster than kids and before you know it she'll be grumbling when you want to take her out for a walk.

Welcome back by the way.... you have been missed.

tattyhouse said...

Thanks, good to be back.