Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Just back from a meeting of the PTA, which I chair. Somehow the role of organising the school fete's and doing lots of the work for them falls to the chair at this school. Not sure how it has turned out that way as usually one would expect the chair to manage the work to be done but not do it herself! So I'm delighted to say that I asked if anyone would like to take on the role of leading the summer fair, and I had a volunteer. So no spreadsheets for me, no getting anxious about signage, and worrying about the logistics of all the tables and where to put them, let alone how to get enough people to run them. Yay-hey! Just need to make it clear to all it is voluntary, so no haranguing people who don't want to, or can't get involved then can just do the dull agenda' and minutes and bits that I like.

In other news, the dog has taken over chewing the shoe basket as her number one naughty task. And she still does not obey to leave it. Will have to get more treats out as part of training I think. I've been doing my homework, and as well as reading the puppy training book have been watching a very entertaining yet informative programme entitled; 'It's me or the Dog'. Quite posh British woman is the dog trainer and she does it all with treats. Quite small ones too.

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