Monday, 7 February 2011

Dear Blogger

Please forgive me, for I have sinned, it has been over two weeks since my last blog (confession).

Actually naughty Lily the dog has kept me very busy, that and some random childhood illness', including J's random 'having a wobbly tooth and can't eat' sickness. The dog is settling in to the family, less mouthing, slightly less menacing the children, slightly less chewing forbidden things - well apart from the hole she has chewed in one of our very old second hand chairs.

Lily is lovely though, so friendly to us and strangers and an absolute delight in the evenings. I'm hoping to take her to puppy training classes at the start of March although I have taught her 'Leave it', 'Sit', 'Lay down', 'Down' and 'Come here', she even 'found her ball' for me the other day.

And J is starting to say, ' I just wish we had a trained dog' whilst sobbing slightly less. Slightly.


Sandra Morris said...

Nothing like a puppy for keeping you on your toes!

Can we have another photo of Lily please?

Lou said...

Good luck with the continuing puppy training!

Brax said...

Hello Tatty

I am so glad you are back blogging again. I only realised today ( yes slack of me not to check!) but really very good reading. Lily sounds lovely. Mine are really calming down now ( at 7) so ages for you to enjoy and they are still a handful when walking..........The dog training was great for mine but as soon as they went home they seemed to revert back. Good luck with it.