Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I like to organise things so much I do it in my sleep

So at the weekend, we spent most of Sunday re-organising our house. Two chairs in the living room had to go because they were getting a little old and tatty, one leg was going, oh and the dog finished them off. So we shifted furniture about, threw away old magazines and newspapers - why, oh, why do we collect so many piles of these things all over the place? We even sorted through the toys in the playroom and made a big pile of things to car boot later in the year.

Finally, by the end of the day we had two tidy and organised rooms, with furniture shifted about and lots of cushions plumped up (important this, as they could have saved me later). Then after watching the fantastic 'Promise' all about Israel/Palestine we went to bed. Except I apparently dreamed of organisation so much I got up again. Whilst asleep. And managed to move our really heavy chest of drawers in to the middle of the room. I kind of remember thinking, that it was a really hard job and dangerous (as we're in the attic with steep stairs and there is no wall at the top of the stairs. The next thing I know is I'm in the bathroom with blood all over my nose, and pain. Then in the morning I wake up to by newly 'organised' bedroom and lovely blood splodges all over the chest of drawers.

Yes, what a freak!


Sandra Morris said...

Wow! You've changed your blog template!

Does this herald a return to blogging in earnest?

tattyhouse said...

I like the new template...and I would like to come back to blogging but am having a little bit of a writers block moment - or really, a everything I want to say seems just a bit too lighthearted and trite. But to watch this space!