Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's the first day of the Easter holidays...

And Lily the dog seems a bit ill, she's shaky and more cuddly than usual. Plus, she only ate a tiny bit of her breakfast. Hope it is nothing serious. As for the rest of the family, well J's teacher's gave her a really long maths workbook for the holidays. Not sure if it was just given to her, as a special homework or to all the children. Regardless, she is delighted, did some last night (fortunately we had some teachers over for dinner so they helped her) and she is doing more this morning. Only annoying thing is it needs quite a lot of support from a grown up, i.e. me and I like to just sit and have a quiet coffee in the morning before starting on 'counting in tens' and 'teen numbers'. Ol is glued to a rerun of The Gladiators on the telly, he spends most of his telly time watching Challenge, which is all old gameshows. Not sure what this means, personally I prefer Sam and Mark or Ant and Dec, or any of the other inane presenters on the children's channels. And as for lovely Mat, he went on a Teachers Night Out yesterday, goodness knows how many of them invading the Old Town. Did warn them off the Black Market, and suggested the lovely Hastings Arms. But since Mat was in Very Late last night and is still in bed (unheard of for him at the late time of quarter to nine) I haven't found out what they were up to.

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