Monday, 25 April 2011

The Wonderment of Drinking Pimms

Yesterday afternoon I figured I couldn't feel much worse if I had a lovely glass of Pimms filled with strawberries and cucumber. And you know what? It actually had magical restorical powers
that made me feel a little better last night. Well enough to eat cake at least and watch telly.

Then this morning I woke up at the unholy hour of seven a.m. or something from a dream free sleep and felt just marvellous. Ready to tackle the day, and year in that order. So after a bit of loafing about in pyjamas it is off to a Certain Department Store to return some trousers that inconsiderately broke on Lovely M, to the garden centre for grass seed and maybe something for the window boxes, to walk the dog, and to list all J's branded baby dolls on e-bay as she says she is too big for them and now needs big girl toys. Although, to be honest on that one, none of us are entirely sure what big girls toys are.

Day - bring it on!


smilernpb said...

Mmmm, PIMMS! xx

tattyhouse said...

Drink of the Summer Gods...