Saturday, 19 September 2009

It's the Fish (and Wine) Festival Day

Hastings has been readying itself for one of the busiest days in its calender of fun - the Fish and Wine Festival. There is music, wine to taste (and buy), loads of fish - and a decent amount of vegetarian food to sample, children's fun and a beer tent of course. That is alongside our usual fun fair, which is always good, and really does have its own charm. The ghost train, for those who have not ridden it yet, is actually packed with hand made scariness, which in reality makes it far scarier than a Disney type ride.

The local children have been making sculptures and hats and shakers and many of the neighbouring schools have been invited to open the festival by; 'Dancing with Dabs'. The dances look fantastic, as demonstrated by my friend H and Ol - there s a box dance, a four steps forward and clap dance, and a jump and leap dance. Typically though Ol is absolutely refusing to take part. Even though he has made a fetching seagull hat to wear (as have all the infants for some reason - ?to wind up the hate the seagull gang).

So we'll miss the dancing seagull heads this year, but do intend on having a few glasses of wine later (extreme tiredness from 6 hill walks all week yesterday sent me to bed early last night) and to try and get the whole gang doing the dances. Happy Birthday David.


Floss said...

When we lived in North Shields, they managed to have a Fish Quay Festival without the wine. It was good but I prefer the sound of your version!

tattyhousehastings said...

On reflection though, the wine got to the heads of some fifty somethings who were chair stealing. So maybe best to stick to the fish.