Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Not so good...and good

I don't think I was the 'right person or type'. Either that or actually not having enough recent experience - not sure 20 years ago counts ruled me out.


Not that I've actually had a phone call this evening, but you know, if you don't get one on the same day it is all bad. Letter will be in the post no doubt.

Woe is me, this is only the second interview I've had and not got the job. First one was a couple of years ago down here and I did try and take my breast feeding baby on my lap. I guess that put them off, also apparently I did not have enough experience either.
You'd think at 36 I'd have enough.

Oh and in other news we went to see Joseph tonight, courtesy of the local paper and VIP tickets. It was fantastic, and we even got Craig Chambers signature. Free champagne too. Lovely. The children were entranced, and they even did a little sing a along bit at the end.

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