Wednesday, 13 May 2009

And through the rectangle window today it is...grey and wet

Big sigh.

It is raining lots today, not hard, just seaside living in a cloud rain. But it is forecast to carry on through the weekend, interspersed with big gusts of wind that is.

But I'm taking two small children camping, not only camping but ec0-camping in a festival. And on my own! I've decided against taking the big SunCamp family fantastic tent, with its own windows, wardrobe, and space. Largely because I can't ever really remember how to put it up even with M who knows, and I'd never ever manage it on my own anyway. My friends have said they will help, but also that they have no clue (suspect in some ways we are a little more hotel types than campers).

One friend is taking a big family tent, which we can squeeze in to anyway if it, sorry when it rains, and we need to not be lying down. As of course our tent is a teeny three man one from Glasto days that I think you can sit up in, think that is, but getting dressed is exceedingly tricky and there is no room for clothes, think they have to go in your pillow or something. But then, those were the days when M banned me taking pillows camping as it was not the done thing. Course nowadays when we go it is with other home comfort ladies (kingsize duvets anyone?) who get it.

So we'll be taking, tent, sleeping bags, extra blankets (must wash them, as children/cats been sleeping on them), camping stove, lantern, picnic set, torch, camping chairs (with great drinks holders in), wellies, wet wipes, washing up liquid, washing up bowl. Haven't got a table but my friend is bringing one, with legs but not seats.

And food - plan on bringing some cereal bars, cheese, bread, cucumber, olives (lunch and breakfast), pasta and tomato type sauce/pesto or something, and crisps, oh and water, and wine to drink. Must also remember bottle opener.

And wellies, and waterproof clothes.

Oh, and picnic blanket (optimistically).

And knitting so I can join in the knitting circle - can't imagine children loving that though somehow.

Oh and maybe download some Dodgy tracks as they are the only band I know who are playing so must gen up and sing along. Excitingly one of them is someone from Uni's uncle, well it was exciting a few years ago -excitement levels dropped off these days.

Any other ideas to bring? Have roof box on and Mat's chair to fill with chocolate and wine.


Nora Johnson said...

Bev: Suggest lots of wine & chocolates so that if the rain continues, you can at least drown (oops sorry - terrible pun unintended) your sorrows in lovely food & drink. Ooh - and good luck too!
Best wishes

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Nora - just make a supermarket trip part of the plan...Exciting...

Floss said...

Sounds good, if potentially squelchy! Wine and chocs are probably essential, wellies obviously, but the other thing I sometimes forget is SOMETHING FOR CHILDREN TO DO IN TENT WHEN IT RAINS! In this way are obsessions born - last holiday our boys went for 'scoobi-dous' (although that's the French name, I'm not sure if they have the same name if England). They're those plastic strings you can twist and knot to make keyrings etc. But some small crafing/artistic/reading hobby has always proved useful to us. Best of luck!

Sandra Morris said...

Blimey O'Reilly!

You've picked possibly the windiest and wettest weekend of the year so far.
Are you absolutely sure you couldn't manage to put up the big tent? It would be so much more comfortable if it's really wet and miserable outside.
Take loads of warm clothes you can layer. And plenty of socks. Nothing worse than cold, damp feet.
Are you allowed to light open fires? If not can you borrow a firepit, which most sites will allow. Nothing like sitting around a fire to lift the spirits and dry out soggy socks.
Oh and damp proof matches.
Wine and chocolate are a given...they're always at the top of my camping packing lists.
Good luck!!!!

tattyhousehastings said...

It's a festival, in the grounds of a stately home I think, so no fires - except one big communal one to do singing around (seriously!).
Definitely could not manage GIANT tent - think we got too carried away when we bought it. But my friend Kate has a swanky one, with lights and everything, and its just her and her two year old, and another girl in it so plan to squeeze in their wardrobe if need be.
Hmm - Scouby's sound good idea, really did not think of something to do inside tent. Usually we camp with another family so children just play getting in to each others beds and things...but yes, good plan. Have a black colouring book thingy that should work for a bit. Plus there are workshops on making bags out of old drink cartons, and um, knitting.

depesando said...

Find out if Ocado deliver.... you never know...could make yourself very popular ( taps side of nose )

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time Bev- good luck!

Greedy Nan said...

Don't forget to bring Teddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I've sent you an email, so if you could please reply with your address and I will pair you up with a partner for the rose swap. xxxxxxx

Why Me? said...

Hope you have a good time.