Monday, 4 May 2009

The holidays are here in Hastings...

...just had a lovely bank holiday weekend, slightly too busy actually and am now slumped in front of Watchdog which can only mean too tired to pursue better telly/activities.

We went to a craft fair on Saturday in Kent, kind of got a bit confused about who it was for though as it said contemporary and traditional crafts. The trad bit was cool, we saw a man using a wood lathe, and made a corn dolly. The contemporary bit was a let down though as it meant, um, not contemporary but sort of mostly older lady craft; like knitting, and ceramic funny faces etc. Good playground for the kids though - at some Manor House or other. Also saw an old friend from Haringey - or rather Enfield taking her mum out to her craft fair. Suspect mum's ages best for the fair.

Then yesterday we went to a birthday party in Bexhill, and ta ta ta Mat's band, now named the Music Club made their debut performance. Even Jem got in on the act playing along on her small guitar. And I can officially say they are good, it sounded good, they had fun, we had fun and even a small sing along. (Oh - how my life has changed!).

Finally today, we went down to the Jack in the Green in Hastings. This year we walked down the hill and hung out by the end of All Saints Street. Lovely atmosphere even for ten in the morning. It's a great feeling to know summer has come and everyone is out, and more amazing teeming down the street together. The dancers, the morris people, the tall people, the drummers and the whole Old Town looked amazing. Many also tough enough to drink beer in before the yard arm.

We saw many people we knew, Jem's teacher, Ol's teacher, Mat's students, friends, 'faces' from town. I'm loving being a local in a local community, lovely warm feeling. And better still to know we did not have to join in and party, just had a wander and enjoyed the vibe before heading home then to a very empty supermarket.

Looking forward to sleeping well tonight - need an Amish dress though still!

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