Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tired and a little people'd out

In the past when I felt little people'd out (i.e. had spent lots of time with other people, talking and sometimes partying and needed rest) I'd take to my bed, usually with a big paper like the Sunday Times and stay there for at least a day. These days I'm followed around my small people wanting things; like me, tissues, food, drinks, the toilet (they know where this is and honest, they don't need to ask permission). And sometimes a bigger person who asks me things like do I want to watch Eastenders, or um, shall he grill Potato Waffles (yes, I know they are not food but we are tired).

So I think what I do is take to my computer and put a distinctly glazed look on my face. Kind of like I'm staring in to an important calculation and am far too busy to be distracted by tantrums about needing to sit on sofa to eat cereal. (Clearly a bad idea).

But seriously Little Ms J's temper has been making itself known over the last two weeks, and it is full on. I've decided it is a phase, either that or I'll need ear drums/a very thick hide and tougher ankles (for her to grab on to as I walk around giving the impression I am mean and bad).

Last week it got to bad I had to pack the car for our wedding with a cling on around my legs. Try carrying a heavy bag with a three stone thingy attached to you. And yes, I know we have to tackle it (get it?)...but not today. I need my bed and the Sunday Times.


Floss said...

I'n in tune with you here (although it would be a book not the newspaper). My husband finds it totally alien and a sign of laziness and inferiority, unless I actually make out that I'm ill. But sick of people is a more accurate description, however lovely they are. The computer is, indeed, a convincing 'I'm not being lazy' alternative.

My sister did the holding onto ankles thing. It was then that my mum stopped having dinner parties, after she'd cooked an entire meal with an ankle hugger attached. Other than that, there was no long term damage to either of them!

Nora Johnson said...

Hi Bev,
Hope things are a bit easier for you now!
Incidentally, thought you might like to know there’s a special, limited offer over at my place!
Hope you’re having a good week,
Take care,

tattyhousehastings said...

Floss - Ha...poor your mum. and poor me. Hideous isn't it to feel you are being lazy when...actually you're just stopping for a bit.
And Nora - on way now to see...