Monday, 18 May 2009

Proper Mellow or All about my weekend in a few hundred words

If I say so myself, I am bloody brilliant. Managed, nay, enjoyed to go camping being solely responsible for two small children, in the rain and wind and have a fantastic time. Fantastic time mostly due to really really enjoying company of friends, and children and being in such a cool place. I even put up the tent, on my own, in the rain without crying. Nearly cried and hit the car in the rain on way home when could not get silly key in lock of roof box but managed to laugh (just).

Wood Festival was so so lovely, from the eco-friendly toilets (not sure how many lucky people near them will forget hearing two children chanting; 'I need a wee in the eco-friendly toilet' a number of times a day. Then hearing them looking for hamsters in the loo (thanks for that Auntie J!). There were some amazing workshops, on tai chi, circle healing, and pilates and ooh, knitting circles and so on. Next time I plan to do more of these - next time, can't believe am saying that...but we did do; 'Box Dreams - making an art box of your dreams', and making some sort of big heathen wave in air things for the parade.

We danced along to two parades; an amazing night parade of brass band instruments, and people playing them all wearing red and black. Even managed to boogie along carrying a little drinkie which was cheery. Then listened to v. dramatic bed time story around the camp circle.

We did singing, and spotted a Good Looking Dad in the circle, which is always fun. Then learnt some new words to Miss Polly, of course the doctor should be a positive role model women. Gladly we said thank you in Baa Baa Black Sheep too. Although not any Moo moo white cow.

But the bestest bit was hanging with the old gang; we went dancing to Dodgy - with the children asleep in a truck thingy next to us. And we lay on the floor and laughed until we cried at the person carrying on following the band, but the band had stopped playing (you know who you are and how it didn't matter as you loved it too).

We've come back all tired - very dirty, a little tanned and the best bit super chilled. Let's do it again next year - and leave the boys at home (sorry boys!).


Floss said...

Wow - it sounds great! Well done to all of you...

Kitty said...

Awww, well done you! So glad you had a good time. x

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks ladies - it was great, and actually lovely lovely for me - rather than just all about the family for a change! Must do more like that.