Friday, 11 July 2008

Busy week

It really has been, from making dinner for eight every night, to setting the table for breakfast, from washing up, to cleaning, to washing to making sure the household is well stocked. Am bloody knackered. Wonder how olden days house keepers felt in this position, probably looking forward to their well earned day off on Sunday!

I was hoping to sneak off on Saturday night and go Up Town to London for the evening, still would love to, but all this activity, oh and I guess some germs has left me with a bad cold, and a worse mood, so suspect its not a good plan this weekend. Plus we have one student leaving, one arriving, and all the bedding to wash! Aaah. Wish we had automatic washer, well, we do its called a washing machine. Think what I really mean is wish we had a cleaner. Do wonder sometimes if I am made for a little more than this.

I was planning to take some time and write this summer, but so far seem to have got firmly stuck in the domestic world, and even worse am finding these kind of domestic duties so dull I can't even get the energy up to glamorise them. Yes, its true, even a little Kath Kidston fabric probably would not work.

At least we're escaping from the domestic un-bliss of the house this morning for the interesting local playgroup which seems to attract both the best and worst behaviour of its attendees for some reason....

See you after I emerge from child and cleaning land....

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