Thursday, 3 July 2008

Aspiring Consumer

There are several things I really, really, really want at the moment. And can't have, because, well in the past we'd have put them on a credit card, we can't justify or afford it at the moment. And because we've finally realised that you just can't have what you want without paying for it at some point. Oh, and we're busy paying for the random things, we did really really want on credit cards in the past. If you get my drift..

But still, I really really want a decent digital camera. I don't know about keeping up with the Jones', although no one can really believe we are still in the photographic middle ages. It's more about being able to quickly take photos of things I like, and love, including of course the children, but things I make, and the house, flower and stuff and put them on the computer, including here.

I keep telling myself we don't really need one, its just a trend etc, but I really really want one. Really really.

And a dishwasher, also not essential, although with currently two children, two adults, and three teenagers in the house washing up is beginning to be a hideous task. Particularly after breakfast, which weirdly the teenage students have decided happens at 7 am, as that is when the children eat. Then everyone else rushes out the house, and leaves me to it. Thus critically cutting in to my blogging/making and drinking coffee time. Not fair!

Also, another justification...we're now paying £66 a month for water! It's absolutely incredible how expensive it is. Basically there's some deal that has been made in this area, that when a house is sold, a meter is put in. So we have a meter, and are really careful with it, but are paying last year, and this year at once I think..or maybe 6 months of last year, before we got a bill. So it will go down a little at some point, as long as we keep not watering the garden (apart from with saved water), and be careful...still with seven in the house it'll be very expensive. The worst of it all is when I rang the water company to find out how much more a meter will cost us, or an average family of four, they admitted the bills usually doubled! And they are a private company so its even more upsetting, that the local council, MP's etc have agreed to this plan.

So anyway, I need a dishwasher and a digital camera, and I'd like (but really don't need..)

1. A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy

2. Some floppy wide legged trousers

3. Some flat blue sandals to go with the above

4. New curtain rail in living room (more effort than cost here)

5. New beautiful cream sofa, with lovely pastel colour checked cashmere throws on

6. New bathroom

7. Lots of plants for the front garden, that won't die when I touch them

8. Big, big car (I know I know)

9. Very expensive haircut and colour

10. A cleaner (I know, I know!)

Best get making some more monsters then....


Piper said...

Hello Bev! Thanks for your comment on the frugal blog. How r u? I would love a dog too. Soooo expensive though...Maybe you could try asking on freecycle for a digital camera. Bit cheeky but on our local one we had somebody asking for a caravan no less! Def don't bother with a meter if you want to save money. We have one as it was already installed in our house when we moved in and our bills doubled from what they were in our old flat which didn't have one. Try saving the washing up water to water the plants (as long as it's not veg) or get a water butt - we've been meaning to do this for ages but they are quite expensive in B&Q. You can get these egg timer things from some of the water companies to use when you're in the shower so you don't waste water by spending too much time in there. Might be worth checking to see if you've got a leak somewhere if the bills have only just gone up loads. Or tell the teenagers not to wash! Anyway -hope all is well! xxx Piper

ITZME The Scavenger said...

You don't want number 5 on your list - cream with a house full of teenagers and tots! Leave it till they have left home!

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks, yes, probably should tell teenagers not to wash, and get water butt. Have irrational fear that children will accidentally get in it though.
And yes, probably right about cream! Do want it though, just need to wean self off wanting everything on list really....