Saturday, 28 June 2008

It looks from the outside that I'm having trouble managing but really I'm super calm and find having two under fives the easiest part of my life....

Bumped in to my friend Samara yesterday in the Old Town, who sadly I have not seen since last summer. Have spent too much time up this Hill, and now vowed to brave the Walking Up the Hill with the children this summer to get in practice for school term in September.

Anyway, had decided to try an Iceland shop, as in advert it looks, well cheap. Bit concerned in advance as think last time I went in the shop was when a trendy teenager and I made the mistake of getting an after college job there. Job was sort of ok, although (must have been Christmas) I seem to remember having to pick up frozen turkeys which was quite hard. Then after two weeks someone asked me if I'd actually looked in the mirror in my uniform. I subsequently did this, and to my total total horror they had not only given me a horrid nylon pinafore thing but it was a triangle! I'd been wearing the pregnant lady worker smock for two weeks. Course then I had to leave.

I realised yesterday that I didn't have any pound coins with me for a trolley, and also had buggy so could not push one anyway. But I wanted to buy loads of things (I hoped) and try out their free delivery service. Decided to fill up one basket, leave it by the checkout then use another.

Trouble was children adored Iceland, almost as much as trip to, well, McDonalds. They loved the bright displays, the E number biscuits, the vast ice cream cabinet, and all the other people. Me, I thought it was good, as things I would buy anyway at the moment, like giant bag of potato's, some chicken fillets, and some prawns were very reasonable.

Got slightly madly carried away by shop though and bought a giant three litre bottle of squash, about ten frozen kippers, and a packet of individual Screwballs (ice-cream with a little ball of bubblegum in it). Latter most worrying buy, because although was on offer, saves on washing up, and will be loved, is just plain awful. Have never let children have bubblegum and why would I start now? Particularly not just after dinner.

Blame it on the children though who were full of beans, sort of delightful but kind of way too excited. Both kept looking at things in the shop, talking and even going in different directions. Causing two separate shoppers to feel very sorry for me, and say things, like you've got your hands full there, etc etc.

Delivery came on time though, and have now full freezer. Even if not quite sure how/when will eat contents of it.


Move To Portugal said...

I think I'm the other way...I look super calm on the outside however on the inside I'm freaking out. This is at work, not out of work, I really need to change jobs

tattyhousehastings said...

I think I'd rather be your way than mine...oh, and am probably not freaking out as not working, hardest thing I'm doing is making decisions on which ice cream to buy! Oh, and I s'pose looking after children, students, house, um, cat etc!

angela said...

I love your blog! I just stumbled upon it, and all of your posts are so great! Being from the US, your English sounds just like the movies to me. I hope you don't mind if I link to it--don't feel obligated to link to mine or anything, i just think yours is quality :)