Thursday, 5 June 2008

Big Feet

We've got some lovely lovely boy students staying with us this week, they're from Germany and both fourteen, and they support a football team I have (still ) never heard of despite them assuring me its the second top team in Germany. Did explain I barely know names of English players, well that was a slight exaggeration, I know one name, but wanted them to think I was a bit cooler and knew more...

There is one way I am a cool mummy though; Eurovision! They love it! And I love it (apart from the fact we can never win, more of that later). They've bought a Eurovision CD with them and have opinions on all of it. I've Sky plus 'd Eurovision and have now watched it a number of times. Plus, and this is the cool bit, my friends C and S, L and lovely little Milli made Euro flags with the children. We had a reality check of nerdiness when we realised it would just be us here and our collective obsessional crayoning, checking which flags had been made, and sticking up was slightly over the top.

We enjoyed all loved it though, both from the creativity of creating things, and from the joy of having a list of flags and ticking them off. And they are still up on our living room walls ten days later...

The boys, then think we're quite cool, but we still can't match them in feet size. They are giant. And with that giant size they eat loads! But still kind of like that too, in a providing for children kind of way.

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