Saturday, 14 June 2008

Craft a holic

Gosh, I've been loving crafts this week, have made a batch of fridge magnets out of domino's, which are pleasingly chunky, decorated a lampshade (by gluing on cars and buttons - love it!) and knitted.

We had our fourth Knit Night on Thursday night too, amazing really, about seven of us from the local area drinking a little wine (ok, we bought a bottle each!), knitting various things, and chatting. Really lovely, and what was more amazing we were almost all knitting (bar N, who was busy solving knit disasters) and K, who was busy sorting her wool out (was too busy knitting to ask her why knit bag was so tangled).

My hideous competitive spirit came out with H though. My friends Graeme and L will remember just how competive I can get, once had a game of Monopoly which really nearly broke our friendship. Oh, and once I dumped an old boyfriend 'cos I'd decided he was a bit thick (he wore gold jewellery, was from Hemel, had tracksuits, and was a pizza dough maker) and then he had the tenacity to beat me at Scrabble. Never talked to him again.

Anyhow H has made a lovely, thin scarf with a pattern on. An actual pattern that she made up that looks lovely! Very very jealous! Suspect it is because I like to be the queen of the new knitters, and actually now H is. Well done H.

I'm actually knitting some bunting at the moment, in time for J's third birthday. Trouble is, I don't have a pattern, just invented one from looking at crochet book, and have not bought any new wool, so have to use up old bits. All of the above would have been fine, if I had not had any wine. Knitting is too casual and holey when having a drink. Next knit night am sticking to the lovely water!

Oh and H, will try and curb competitive spirit whilst at the same time making something v. lovely...Don't you just hate knowing the worst bits about yourself sometimes?


Anonymous said...

Thats the scarf D told me to undo because it wasn't as good as my 9 year old nieces- glad someone apprciates my eforts!

Anonymous said...

If not my spelling!