Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Knitted Monsters and other crafty adventures

So my knitted monsters are now seven, all with cute little button eyes, and scary or smiley faces depending on my mood whilst creating. I love them so much I've set them free, free to be loved by others, or even to be purchased.

It's all very scary, after all any art and craft has a bit of you in it, so what if people hate them? Think they are pointless tat and ignore them? If they do, think I will just have to take them with me up to my bedroom and hide them under the cat on the bed forever. Oh, well, I guess I could give them away to friends' children - although of course they might also hate them, and get traumatised by having monsters, however cute in their house. Not too keen on upsetting other people's children so might give that one a miss. Reminds me of the time out of sheer laziness I did not find the dolly's bed when asked to by little Milli. I told her to put her dolly to sleep in the wardrobe as it was nice and soft and dark.

Horrified was not the word, although I think we are friends again now, after a couple of years of play dates and parties, oh, and after she saw my fluffy rabbit - esque blanket.

Keep your fingers crossed my monsters find new homes please, and if you're in Hastings, check out i-candy's shop...

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