Wednesday, 18 June 2008

When creativity goes too far....

My trouble has always been knowing when to stop. I have been painting and decorating a lovely little metal tray to display my new magnets on. Started well, with a couple of coats of blue acrylic. Then I added some varnish, still ok, then I thought to myself, ooh, what about a little glitter around the edges, ooh, what about some wooden beads stuck on. Oooh, I know I'll varnish it all again.

Now its gone bad, looks rather like I consumed some acid, live in a glittery squat, oh, and am sort of a little crazy, and most definitely unsophisticated. Very sad, because although I can assure you am neither under the influence, or in a glittery squat it then means its just un cool. Therefore I've put a little bit of me in it, but the uncool bit. Will have to give it to the children, and they don't even like it.

Same thing happened when I went to a lovely paint your own ceramic class with year old Ol. He was too little to paint like a toddler so I did it for him. Will always remember look of horror in a supportive way on friends' faces when they realised I was going to have to buy the ceramics, and give them to people for Christmas. Mum and Dad took it well, they still have the delightful plate in their cupboard and even put food on it once.

This, is the dark underside of crafting, things go Bad (ok I ruin them) as well as Good (manage to stop self in time).

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