Monday, 23 June 2008

Things I've only recently realised that I should have thought of before...

1. There is no need to buy a little bottle of branded hand soap when a big bottle of own brand, costing a third of the price exists.

2. My sink gets smelly sometimes, and the answer is not to call a plumber, but to use disinfectant. Plumbers laugh if you tell them this.

3.Sachets of cat food are really, really expensive. I had an epiphany of frugality when I realised I could simply buy a can, pop a cover on and keep it in the fridge (and that it won't pollute my fridge with smelly meat).

4.. Stop throwing old clothes, in the rubbish; either give them to charity, or if stained/ripped etc, just cut up and use as cloths, or for making craft objects with.

5. Think of uses for all leftover goodness, leafy tops of beetroot made it in to a green salad this weekend and were lovely.

6. A cold beer in the afternoon can be really lovely, n.b. this one is re-learned from mis-spent twenties.

7. The reason my windows are dirty is not that I don't have a window cleaner its actually because I'm rubbish at cleaning them on the inside.

8. Other people notice when your house is dirty, it is not invisible dust balls to them.

9. I really am very keen on beetroot.

10. I love seeing the sea everyday, it makes me happy, even if its from a distance up my giant hill.


onyx said...


i absolutly love your blog i work as a receptionist in london and your blog has cheered up my tedious day. i have just started my own because of yours. i have just read the whole of your blog reading a little every day and now i am up to date. loving the sound of your knitted monters i haven't moved away from scarve yet any thing else seem quite comlicated :)love knitting though :). keep it up its making my week alot more cheerful.

onyx/angela xxx

tattyhousehastings said...

Thank you very much, that's lovely, you did make me check my blog though to make sure I did have some friendships mentioned in it...monsters just a step away from scarves, got the pattern from Usbourne Childrens Knitting books, and is super easy.
Must post some photos.

Brax said...

I never thought about eating the tops of beetroot. Threw some away yesterday. A very good idea. I will be trying that one out in next few days. Good tip.