Monday, 9 June 2008

The plotlines are getting too much for me...

Ok, what I want to know is, are the plotlines on popular television shows getting more complex? Or more likely am I losing brain power as I get older/look after children/drink more wine (not sure which clause is most suited).

Doctor Who in particular has me stumped, a new woman, think its Alex off of ER is now a character in the series. She, apparently knows the Dr's real name, and he'd only tell her that when he was blank blank (am guessing that means shagging). Confusingly did not even know he had a real name, and if so, why has he kept it quiet for the last thirty odd years. Does it mean he is a Voldemort type, and thy must never speak his name.

Then, and this is where the plot gets weirder, 'specially mixed with tabloid information, Alex is the mother of his child, who runs off, and who he is shagging in real life. But he had a child from putting his finger in a machine, there was no shagging, oh unless time stopped and bended I guess.

But maybe there is a another child, and how can the actors be allowed to go out? That is also v. tabloid and confusing. Tried to get the correct information from friend G at the weekend, but eventually he confessed he only had limited knowledge based on trashy papers. So who really knows? Should the viewers know all these things, or only some.

And finally, is it only me who is kept awake at night by this plotline? Please say no.

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