Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sometimes I secretly want to tape my own mouth shut...

It's been a good week so far, we're enjoying the company of teenagers staying with us, getting excited with Ol about starting school in September, and getting out and about.

However I really must learn to think before I speak. I've started off my life as a school mummy by chatting to a couple of new women I'll meet at the school gate in a I am competing to be the slummiest, yet thickest mummy in the neighbourhood. Firstly I quizzed the local mummies about whether it was acceptable to do the morning school run in your pyjamas. Apparently this would not be acceptable and would actually be quite shocking at local decent school.

Then on trip with playgroup to local wild breed farm we saw some chinchillas, who were admittedly very cute. Someone had been talking about keeping them recently, and I was considering the idea of having a small dog. So I had to ask other mummies if they were dogs. Of course they are not dogs, they look like big albeit cute rats and live in a cage. Again, small silence whilst they considered how thick I might actually be. Then of course I remembered that the small dogs beloved by celebrities, although slightly rat like, have another name that confusingly also starts with C.

On the way back to the coach I got chatting to the local vicar, who along with the church had organised the playgroup outing. Thankfully I told him we'd had a lovely day out, before that is declaring I was vegetarian and hated zoos and seeing animals cooped up, and that the local zoo thing over towards Brighton really really offended me by having small spaces for its animals. I then topped it off by explaining that actually the sight of meat in the farm we were visiting made me feel ill. Poor man must have just regretted even walking near me, and will probably never wave in a friendly manner again when I walk past his house, just so I never engage him an a mad rant. I did not need to say any of it.

Regardless we had a lovely day, and I did see some really cute animals, also got to stroke baby sheep for the first time. They really did feel like giant teddy bears, although ones who seemed to poo and wee all the time. Very cuddly though. Luckily when we were chatting to one of the falcon men who was holding a baby owl I did not notice his colleague behind him quartering fluffy baby chicks for its food.

Real life in the country is actually a bit too real sometimes isn't it?


pebbledash said...

Thanks for the additional info on good shops in Hastings...I need to come back again, we didn't have enough time! I'm a bit far away to just drop by....And I know what you mean about taping one's own mouth shut!!

Brax said...

Glad to know I am not alone in my big mouth silliness. And vicars are meant to forgive and accept arent they?