Thursday, 19 June 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Ooh, hosting students is about to turn quite complicated, and busy for the first time. We've got a lovely French girl at the moment, who is very delightful and talks to us, plays with the children, etc but can't help thinking she might like someone of her own age around. So on Sunday we've got a Polish 17 year old coming to stay, then a hmm, forgot where from 18 year old coming on Monday! How exciting. This means we'll be using both our spare rooms, regular readers of the blog will know we transferred our playroom upstairs last year, hence freeing up a downstairs spare room, and need three beds.

Luckily we've got three beds, but then next Saturday, another girl comes, and lovely French girl leaves on Sunday. So we need another bed for the odd night over the summer. Luckily kind friend N down the road is lending us her spare furniture. So sometimes we'll have four students at once! And two children, and a cat, and me and lovely Mat.

Will have to transform self in to sort of uber mummy, who can keep track of where they all are/what they are doing. Suspect if they all belonged to me would consider banning them leaving the house, bar to school so knew where they were/did not have to worry. Also perhaps they could just all be friends with each other, and not need anyone outside (aka the Osmonds) as other wise would have too many names to remember.

Also I need to cook some food! Think we can just about all fit around the table, just. Luckily all students are very skinny, and own children quite small. But probably can't just make pasta and sauce every day (which is v. easy to feed many people with).

So here is my food plan for this week, give or take different vegetables in the box....

Today - Home made veggie sausages, cabbage and mash

Friday - Home-made chips, baked beans and fish fingers

Saturday - students out, Nanny plans! (the luxury!)

Sunday - Salad and mushroom omlette/poss quiche if having baking moment

Monday - Three bean chilli and jacket potato's (n.b. to self remember lime, makes this much nicer)

Tuesday - Pasta, seasonal vegetable that came in our veg box), and creme fraiche sauce

Wednesday - Pizza and Salad

Thursday - oh, thank goodness can't think of anything, is a week away now so won't worry....

Then need lots of yogurts, ice cream and fruit! Oh, and bread, though girl students not as mad for bread as crazy boy teenagers who sort of inhale a whole loaf in one go.

Fingers crossed, its all cool....

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