Saturday, 31 May 2008

An Average day in the life of tattyhousehastings family...

Will share, alongside move to portugal et al in blogging world my own average day, but please note am not always this boring, just on a mean average...

6am - Children start jumping on us, we pretend they are asleep until finally giving in at about 7am
7am The telly goes on (the shame!), we're utterly rubbish at being hippies/simple living types really (do try honestly though)
Then we have showers, eat breakfast of hideously bad junk like Coco Pops or when we've run out of them a sort of compromise of Shreddies or Fruit and Fibre. N.b breakfast cereals in our house do not get eaten unless they contain sugar.
7.30 Daddy goes to work
7.45am I have a coffee and an argument with the children about who gets to squeeze in next to me on my chair.
8-9am The children get dressed, and washed. Oh, yes it really really takes that long!
9am We walk to nursery, and drop off one or both children.
9.30am Back home for me, possibly another coffee (I need many coffees), check e-mails, blog, then;
wash up
clean kitchen
make beds
open all curtains (why oh why is this so boring to do)
put washing out to dry
put another wash on
do some random housework that looks very needed like iron, or change sheets, or sometimes even hoover/dust and clean bathrooms.
11.30 Walk to nursery, pick up one or two children
12 noon - Get home, make lunch, have lunch, wash up
Sit down for a bit
2pm Play something with the children, do art activities, make monsters, have friends over for coffee or go the shops/park/library but avoiding the Giant Hill.
4.30pm Wash up again, think about dinner, make dinner, set the table, get washing in and then.
6pm Daddy is home. Have dinner, wash up, tidy kitchen
6.30pm Children have baths, book then bed
7pm Glass of wine or water depending on how healthy/broke we are and a nice sit down!

Gosh, average day is bit boring, will mix it up a bit for this last term of Ol being at nursery and make sure we have some fun days out...oh, and have also decided I need some more fun times of my own so will need to make some money (hello e-bay!) for nights out, and trips up to London. Need some more art galleries and museums (though am bit tired of Science Museum still, do love it though if floor of engines could somehow be avoided).

That's all for tonight, am off for a glass of water. The fun! The excitement! Might even make it a beer as it is Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I always think my day must look boring to people..however I'm quite happy, most of the time :)

Anonymous said...
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