Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bad mood bear

Gosh, I'm cross this morning, have been feeling really ill, and super tired so went to bed early last night. Came down to a scene of some carnage this morning, last nights' dinner saucepans and plates needing washing up, noisy cartoons on telly, no clean breakfast bowls, no milk for cereal or coffee (apparently milkman does not come on a Wednesday).

Children then went upstairs for a joint toilet visit, which all I'll say about that is it went Wrong. Daughter refused to put on any clothes apart from cardigans. Course cardi's are great in their own right, but tried, and failed to get a dress or skirt on her. She's just come downstairs looking like Brit in a mad phase, with trackie bottoms, and an open cardi on. She tells me its ok because look, I've got knickers on!

Lovely husband says he was 'gonna' wash up later. I say we're not teenagers, and should not be putting things off. Cross, cross, cross.

Oh, and yesterday went to see doctor, but got day wrong, apparently I booked appointment for Thursday, now grumpy with self for that, was also bit embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! cheer up chicken! we all know that we cant trust "others" to do jobs and usually end up doing them ourselves!
Hope i didnt give you my cold. I am still snivelling. see you thurs!