Sunday, 11 May 2008

The sun has got his factor 15 on

Busy week, we've had one child drawing on every single beige/cream carpeted stair with a pink felt tip pen, one child being admitted to our preferred school (thank god), one day trip to the seaside, one tea date, one afternoon in the park, several visits from the milkman, oh and two parental hair cuts.

The pen on the carpet incident was serious, lovely darling monster voiced (at times) little girl was cross because I was talking to a lady about hosting students so decided to prove me as an unsuitable mummy. I was shocked when we reached the stairs, but just about held it together to laugh (almost) in a little darlings way, and utter wait until your father gets home. Course father did nothing, but I was very cross. Even more so when I discovered the graffiti trampoline later.

Delighted Ol got admitted to the nice local school, even more so as did not have a Plan B as had optimistically assumed he'd get in. However, I think we probably were the absolute edge of the catchment this year, so are very lucky. Just got six months to worry about not crying on his first day now. But at least he had lots of friends at the school so should feel at home.

Seaside was great, made even better by visit to Eastbourne, home of the older person who spends their days sitting on benches watching. Not a bad way to spend your last few years I guess. Luckily we provided some entertainment by suggesting the two year olds waved at some people. They then decided as they were so so important they had to walk very close to the people on benches on the promenade and wave in their faces until the people waved back. Older people were divided in loving the cute kids, and thinking they'd rather stick two fingers up at precociousness but being held back by societal expectations of older people.

Finally, have cut lovely daughters hair. Let's just call it a punishment for drawing on the carpet. The fringe in particular is rather on the minimal side, and makes her look, well like her face is a bit big for her head ( sorry J!). Still as Ol says even for someone with such a little head she can eat a lot of chocolate.

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